Best Funny Sunday Messages for Someone Special

2023 Best Funny Sunday Messages for Someone Special

A lot of people love Sundays and I think you should too because it gives you a chance to contribute to a person in a day he or she may just love.

Put a smile or a laugh on the face of a family, friend, colleague or any special person in your life by selecting one out of the best funny Sunday messages we have provided on this page for your use.

The only thing stopping you from putting that smile on the face of someone now is yourself.

Funny Happy Sunday Wishes for Him or Her

One of the best ways to keep the Sunday lovely and lively is to share wishes and messages with someone you care so much about. And to help that desire, here are funny Sunday messages, funny Sunday wishes and funny Sunday quotes for Him or Her. The best of Sunday morning, afternoon, evening and night funny quotes for friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, and every other special person to you.

1. It’s Sunday. Hope you’ll go to church first before you start preparing for the match? Happy Sunday to you.

2. Today’s a day of joy, because of your Sunday special meal for guests. I’ll come around to eat it. Happy Sunday.

3. I hope that today, you’ll remember what the pastor preached. Happy Sunday to you.

4. While our friends go to church, let’s go play golf. You’re in? Happy Sunday to you.

5. For some of us, Sunday isn’t weekend. It is the beginning of the workweek. Happy Sunday to you.

6. Let’s not pray today, since everyone will be doing so. Let’s fix another time for prayers. Happy Sunday, friend.

7. I’m bored, so I’m going to church with you. Pick me up when you drive by. Happy Sunday to you.

8. It’s not an easy task to preach, I know, and that’s why you should somersault less on the altar. But do you listen? No. Happy Sunday to you, pastor.

9. We can do all thing through Christ, including not going to church today. Lol. Happy Sunday to you, bro.

10. I know I told you we’ll play ball today, but, erm, Sunday is my lazy day. I’ll still play, but I just want you to know that Sunday is my lazy day. Happy Sunday to you.

11. Happy Sunday to you. May your car not break down on your way to church.

12. I couldn’t stay a Sunday without going to church until I met you. So what’s the plan for this Sunday? Happy Sunday.

13. Remember that man that snored throughout the church service last week? Greet him for me. Happy Sunday to you, mom.

14. Happy Sunday to you. May you see more of me this week. Amen.

15. You can’t run from keeping your promise to me this week. Happy Sunday to you, pops.

16. I think of sharing an office with you from Monday and I don’t want Sunday to come to an end. Happy Sunday to you.

17. You’re special. Troublesome and mischievous, I know, but special. Happy Sunday to you.

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18. So I want to tell you a story of how last week went, but I want to be paid first. Happy Sunday to you, friend.

19. I can tell the future. This week, we will work in the same office space for five days. If I’m wrong, you’ll pay me. Happy Sunday to you.

20. Good day to you and happy Sunday. This is me trying so hard to be a good friend.

21. God is smiling down on you and wondering which church you’ll choose to go to today. Happy Sunday to you.

22. If you ever get bored at home on a Sunday morning, you’re welcome to join me in church. Happy Sunday to you.

23. Happy Sunday to the friend who remains hungry no matter how much he eats. Our lunch will be the bomb today.

24. To some of us, today feels like Monday. Happy Monday, I mean Sunday, to you, fam.

25. The love I have for Sundays is like the one I have for food, and money, and everything you know I love madly. Happy Sunday to you.

26. After the Sunday morning service, the remaining part of the day looks like the only true time to rest in the week. Use it well. Happy Sunday to you.

27. I grew up loving Sundays, and you made me love it more. Happy Sunday to you.

28. Let’s play while the Christians are away. Lol. Happy Sunday to you.

29. I’m caught up in church activities for the whole day, unlike y’all. Enjoy without me. Happy Sunday to you.

30. If Sunday was the only day of the week, I wonder how the earth will be like. Join me to wonder. Happy Sunday to you.

31. Welcome to one of the days of the week that has only twelve hours. Happy Sunday to you, dad.

32. I may have missed spending the weekend with you, but I’ll drive by to pick up my share of what you cooked for lunch today. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

33. Since I started eyeing this girl at work, weekends have lost meaning to me. I can’t wait for Monday. Happy Sunday to you.

34. Happy Sunday to you, my friend. I wonder what I can do to make everyday a weekend day.

35. Happy Sunday to you. I love you, not because you have that basketball court that I love.

36. Hello, fine girl. Hope you’re finer than the makeup you use on Sundays can ever be? Happy birthday.

37. Happy Sunday to you. The blessings of the weekend will not pass you by. They will sweep you out of your house.

38. You love weekends, I know, but just don’t empty your bank balance this weekend. Or any other weekend. Happy Sunday to you.

39. I love Sunday mornings and not even your dislike for it can make me reconsider. Happy Sunday to you.

40. Sundays are so cool that I wish I were born on a Sunday. Happy Sunday to you.

41. It’s Sunday, a good day to see a movie. Happy Sunday to you, dearie.

42. I never intended to have a short weekend, but Sunday morning is already here. Happy Sunday to you, bro.

43. What’s better than having a day in the weekend with just me and you in it? Happy Sunday to you, love.

44. Hello, fam. Can we just take a break from life today? Happy Sunday, my friend.

45. Apart from watching matches in the English Premier League, let’s do other things, like sleeping, you know. Happy Sunday to you, buddy.

46. Is Sunday a good day to drop your advice and chase after a skirt? Happy Sunday to you.

47. Hello, dearie. Doesn’t Sunday feel like the dance day of the week? At least, for us? Happy Sunday.

48. If you don’t come around for our sleepover tonight, I swear I’ll kill you. Happy Sunday, paddy.

49. With an empty wallet and tank, all I need today is you, bro. Happy Sunday to you.

50. Happy Sunday to you. I thought to remind you that you love play more than work and that Monday, a workday, is around the corner.

51. It’s a special day, and I’m here to tell you to give me a gift for it. Happy Sunday to you.

52. I would have come to take you out, but it’s Sunday and I got a church. This is not me running away. Happy Sunday to you.

53. If you see me in church today, it’s not because there’s a celebrity coming to church. Happy Sunday to you, my friend.

54. Hey, dearie. How did you manage to spend the week without visiting me even once? Happy Sunday to you.

55. If I don’t see you today, I’ll assume that I’ve lost you. (Tears). Happy Sunday, my wife.

56. A quick reminder that I’ll be only a husband to you. Not a brother, a father or a son. Just a husband. Happy Sunday to you, honey.

57. This really annoying choir keeps making the service stay longer, but, well, happy Sunday to you and me.

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58. The church is today for me. I don’t know about you. Happy Sunday to you, brother.

59. As you go to church today, decide not to spend the remaining part of the day singing the new song you learnt. If not, I won’t visit you today. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

60. I could have stayed at home, but one of my debtors will be in the service, so I gotta go. Happy Sunday to you.

61. If today ends now, I won’t complain because of how much I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Happy Sunday to you, babe.

62. I’m so happy to see today that I would somersault if I could. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

63. Hello, dearie. How are you today? Whatever you say, just know I’m doing finer than you. Happy Sunday to you.

64. If I ever get the chance to decide how the week goes, there will be eight days in the week and all will be Sundays. Happy Sunday to you.

65. May your Sunday be nicer than that Sunday that saw you fall in the mud twice. Have a great Sunday.

66. However it goes, just know that I took you out and spent a lot in you — in my dreams. Happy Sunday to you, darling.

67. Hello, mama. If you don’t see me today, just assume I’m punishing you for being too sweet for me. Lol. May your Sunday be sweet.

68. If I write my greeting as a poem, you won’t understand it, so I’m just texting to say Happy Sunday to you.

69. One day, you’ll spend a Sunday with me, and you’ll start desiring to spend more Sundays with me. Happy Sunday to you.

70. This is me saying that I just had the nicest lunch ever and that you missed it. Happy Sunday to you, bro.

71. Hey, my favourite person. Today was not the best of days because my crush left church before the service was over. Happy Sunday to you.

72. I will do everything to stop Sundays from being taken away from us. It’s my favourite day of the week. Happy Sunday to you.

73. If I want war, I’ll just have to send a fake message to you that makes it look like I’m professing my love for another girl. But not today. Happy Sunday to you.

74. I hope you understand that Sunday is not only for church activities. Happy Sunday to you, bro.

75. Don’t blame your Sunday morning boredom on me. I’m not the reason you quit church. Happy Sunday to you, however. Lol.

76. Together, we can be anything we want to be, especially when we play golf more on Sundays. Happy Sunday to you, fam.

77. You missed watching the game at my house yesterday and my favourite team won. I wish you miss watching today’s game at my house again. Happy Sunday to you, dear friend.

78. Maybe the best things happen on Sundays; I mean I even got my new car on a Sunday. Happy Sunday to you.

79. Is it funny how I, with my reputation as a devoted church guy, missed church this Sunday? Happy Sunday to you.

80. This message is not for you, because you are not someone special. Happy Sunday to you.

81. I won’t say more than I’m sure of, but my Sunday is the best on earth today. Happy Sunday to you.

82. This is to let you know that I really care who thinks I’m special and it’s so exciting that someone like you finds me special. Ignore me next time I say I don’t care about it. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

83. All I wanted to do was to make you smile today. But the power came on and now I have to see a movie. Happy Sunday to you, friend.

84. I really want you to know that I’m the best thing to happen to you. Now tell me thanks. Happy Sunday, bro.

85. Enjoy the whole of your Sunday, the food, the beer, and even the drama you do when you’ve had too much to drink. Happy Sunday to you, bro.

86. If you ever give me a chance to visit you on a Sunday, I’ll make you a church person. May your Sunday be beautiful.

87. Sundays were beautiful until work decided to encroach into it. Now, look at me. Well, happy Sunday still.

88. These messages are so sweet that I think you should pay for these frequent ones I send. Which messages? you may ask. My messages. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

89. Happy Sunday to you. Will the lions invade residential areas today?

90. I want to tell you a story of my Saturday, but you have to pay for it first, and this is not me trying to be funny. Happy Sunday to you.

91. I love Sundays so much that I feel like dancing the whole day. Happy Sunday to you, my special friend.

92. Because you’re someone I trust to not leak my secrets, let me tell you that I depend on you for Sunday lunch. Lol. May your Sunday be cool.

93. It’s funny how I wake up earlier on Sundays when the church starts late than on weekdays when work starts early. Well, happy Sunday to you, dear.

94. Best day of my life is the Sunday I was born. Worst day of my life is the Sunday you were born. Lol. Happy Sunday to you, fam.

95. No messages I send can say how much I’ve missed you, except this one. I wish you the best of Sundays.

96. For me, today is going to be a long one, as long as the distance between Nigeria and China. Happy Sunday to you.

97. You’re special to me like today is to Christians. Happy Sunday to you, babe.

98. There’s a lot of beautiful things I could say about Sundays, but my friend named Sunday will feel flattered. Happy Sunday to you, and to my friend Sunday too.

99. God’s been so good to me that I think we should make the popular church day, Sunday, a public holiday. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

100. I never thought I’ll survive a Sunday without you, but, well, I’ve been surviving my country’s horrible government. Happy Sunday to you, dear.

Isn’t this the best list of funny Sunday messages for someone special you’ve read? Would you mind sharing the list with your beautiful friends, so they can also put a smile or laugh on the face of people that are special to them?

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