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Touching Get Well Soon My Love Quotes (2020)

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Sending get well soon messages to a lover, friend or sibling who is ill is a tradition that can never be obsolete.

Not only is it a means of reaffirming your love for them and letting them know you care about their health, but it would also help to put a smile on their faces.

Asides this, sending messages filled with well wishes and prayers might also hasten their recovery as it helps to comfort them and assure them of your support.

You can send any of these latest 2020 touching get well soon my love quotes to a wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, siblings, colleagues and even parents to bring them joy and comfort.

Get Well Soon My Love Messages for Him or Her

When you desire a sound health for your boyfriend or girlfriend, you don’t want them to have a moment of illness. If such is sick presently, use these get well soon my love messages, wishes and quotes for a quick recovery. Send any special one to him or her as a token of your get well soon wishes for him or her.

1. I hate to see you so down. I wish there was something I could do. Please, get well soon, my love.

2. I miss your stubbornness, I miss having you up on your feet. Get well soon, my love.

3. If I was ever in doubt before, now, I know that seeing you happy and well is what keeps me going. Get well soon, dearie.

4. Make sure you get all the rest you can, I will love to see you back on your feet soon.

5. I am thinking of you and praying for your recovery. Take good care of yourself.

6. I wish you were not on that bed. I hope to see you on your feet again, soon.

7. You are always so full of life and excitement, it is painful to see you on that bed. Please, get well soon.

8. I am sending hugs and kisses your way, I hope they warm you up. Get well soon.

9. I have been praying for you, I hope to see you in good health soon.

10. I am sorry but I am glad you are on that right now. You work like a clock and take no break. This would help you get the much-needed rest you need.

11. You have been away for a while now, we miss having you around, get well soon.

12. I wish you quick recovery, I can’t wait to hang out with you again.

13. I heard you aren’t feeling too well. Take care of yourself and rest well.

14. As much I miss your company, I understand you need a break to rest. Take care of yourself, see you soon.

15. Eat, sleep, do whatever you need to do, only make sure you are back on your feet soon.

16. I am so sorry I am not there for you in person but know that I am always thinking about you and I wish you a good and speedy recovery.

17. I am sending warm hugs and kisses your way, get well soon.

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18. Seeing you unwell is not a very good sight, I miss your playfulness a lot, get well soon.

19. Life is so boring without you, get well soon.

20. I used to think you are troublesome but now that you are ill, I miss you a lot. Get well soon.

21. Life is lonely without you, I can’t even bear the thoughts of a life without you. Get well soon dearie.

22. I will buy you all the chocolates and ice cream you crave for, just make sure you get well soon

23. I really do miss hanging out with you, get well soon dearie, I can’t wait to have you around again.

24. I never imagined you could be this quiet, you really need to get well soon, I miss you.

25. You will be fine dearie, just hang in there, you will definitely get well soon.

26. I was shocked when I got the news. You are my superhuman, you do not deserve to be ill.

27. Get well soon and get back on your feet, kisses!

28. I prayed for your healing today sweet, you will be back on your feet in no time.

29. Come back soon, we all miss you.

30. Sadly, I can’t be there with you right now, it’s really sad and frustrating. I am sorry baby, please get well soon.

31. Sending warm wishes and healthy vibe your way. Get well soon.

32. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, I wish you well.

33. Recover fully so we can hang out again. Miss you.

34. I wish you good health, comfort and speedy recovery.

35. I hate to see you ill, I miss seeing your lively self. Get well soon.

36. Stay strong and healthy, make sure you take your medicines at the right time.

37. I wish my good thoughts and prayers would be enough to heal you, get well soon.

38.i believe you will be better in no time. I wish you a quick recovery.

39. I know you are a tough person, I believe you will pull through this and turn out stronger.

40. May your health spring back, may you fully recover. I am always praying for you.

41. I am so sorry for not being able to visit. I wish there was more I could do from here but know that you are always on my mind.

42. You need to be active and back on your feet now, the world is falling apart without you.

43. All I wish for you is health, strength and vitality. I hope my wishes come to pass soon.

44. I know you will be on your feet soon. It would take the Armageddon to break one like you. See you soon.

45. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us, get well soon dearie, the world is waiting for us.

46. The fact that you are ill is affecting my concentration at work. Get well soon dearie, I need you to be at my best.

47. Seeing you this quiet is not something I am used to. I miss your lively self bae, I miss my troublesome lady.

48. We need you back sweet, things are not the same without you, get well soon.

49. I know how worried you must be to be incapacitated. Don’t worry, you will be fine, this will pass pretty soon.

50. Get thoughts of work off your chest, focus only on getting well, enjoy the process.

51. I wasn’t pleased to see you tired and weak yesterday. I am praying for your health.

52. Not ever did I imagine my man could be so down. Don’t worry, you are still my Superman.

53. We are all rooting for your good health love, I miss seeing your bubbly self.

54. Men! Life is so boring without you, every part of me misses you, get well soon love.

55. I hate seeing you so weak and helpless, please get well soon dearie

56. I miss hanging out with you, life has been really boring since you got sick, I can’t wait to have you back on your feet again.

57. Hi girlfriend, just a reminder your man misses you a lot and I will always be here for you, get well soon dear.

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58. I wish you quick recovery, I cant wait to see you shiny and bright again, get well soon.

59. hate seeing you in pains, I hate seeing you so down, I love you dearie and I cant wait to see you up on your feet again.

60. I need you to stay strong, your children and I need you around. Get well soon dear.

61. Seeing you so down made me realize I wasn’t appreciating you enough, I promise to do better dearie, please get well soon

62. I have been thinking of you all day, I hope you get well soon, I cant wait to see you on your feet up and well again.

63. I wish you a speedy recovery, I wish you good health. Get well soon dearie

64. I know very well that I am praying for you, get well soon love, I miss you.

65. I miss you so much dearie, I miss seeing you up on your feet. Get well soon baby

66. I am going to nurse you back to health, I am going to be there every minute you need me because I know you will do the same for me. Get well soon, dear

67. I can’t wait anymore, get back on your feet now because I miss you so bad

68. You will kick this illness straight in the gut, you will definitely be up on your feet in no time. Stay strong, baby

69. Your family and friends need you, we all miss you, get well soon dear.

70. You are not in this alone, I am here for you and I always will be. Get well soon

71. I hope my text makes you smile because that is the intent. Get well soon babe

72. You are too awesome to be ill, I need you around, get well soon

73. Seeing you down has been tough, you are my superwoman and I need you back on your feet.

74. I am going to fuss over you and treat you like the baby that you are even at this time. It’s my duty to care for you and I will do just that.

75. If I had magic, you wouldn’t even be ill. Get well soon dearie.

76. It’s great to see you are still in great spirits even with everything you are going through. You are a superhuman and I love you a lot. Get well soon

77. I will always stand by you, I will always be here for you. Get well soon dear

78. I hope you feel better today, I have been praying for you, get well soon

79. I hope your health improves with each passing day, my fondest wish is to see you healthy again

80. If I had the means, I would keep bad health far from you. You are too special to be unwell, get well soon dear

81. If I wasn’t sure of your importance before now, now I know. I miss you so much, I never want you to be ill again, get well soon

82. Your presence always brightened up the room which is one of the major reasons things have not been the same around here without you. Get well soon

83. I can’t wait for you to get back to your normal cheerful self, I cant wait to see you vibrant again. Get well soon dearie

84. My wishes for you are fast healing and never falling ill again. Get well soon bae

85. I pray for renewed strength, I pray for sound mind and health. Get well soon

86. I am praying for healing for you, I hope this comforts you even in these times.

87. You have got to get up, I am tired of doing your share of the work around here, get your ass up that bed.

88. I need you to kick that illness straight in the gut and bounce back. Get well soon dear

89. I am going to stand with you and stay by your side, we are in this together and I plan on being here for you now and forever.

90. Stay strong for me, dear, I need you to push through this. Get well soon

91. You are the strongest human I know and I believe you will get over this pretty soon

92. Nothing can keep you down, you have been through so much in life and had overcome every challenge. This too shall pass. I believe so

93. Stay strong, stay hopeful. You will be back on your feet in no time

94. You are the most important part of this family and I need you back on your feet. Get well soon, dear

95. In no time, you will be back to doing all those things you have been unable to. I am praying for you

96. You are not alone, I am here for you and I will nurse you back to health

97. I miss hanging out with you, I miss doing all those things we did together. Get well soon

98. If there is anything I can do to help out more in this period, please point it out to me, I promise to do all I can to make you happy, now more than ever. Get well soon

99. I kind of envy the hospital, they have you all to yourself, I can’t wait to whisk you away and bring you back home. Get well soon

100. I wish you well every day, if well wishes could heal, you would be healed already. Get well soon dear.

Sometimes, it might be a colleague who couldn’t make it work. Sending get well soon messages, wishes and quotes to a colleague at work is a way to show you care about them and their contribution in the office.

101. I was sad when I got the news you were unwell. Take good care of yourself, we miss you at work.

102. Things are not the same without you around, get well soon, we need you here.

103. Know very well that you are in my thoughts and prayers, you will definitely get well soon

104. I know you are going to bounce back soon, I cant wait to see you at your desk again.

105. We all wish you a good and quick recovery, get well soon buddy

106. Take all the time you need to recuperate, don’t worry about work, I have got you covered

107. I am sending my fondest wishes to you and your family in this period, get well soon

108. We all cant wait to see you again, get well soon and get back in here as it isn’t the same without you

109. All the best friend, bounce back to health soonest

110. Get better soon, we need your brilliant mind around here.

111. I am sending loads of prayers and blessings your way, get well soon

112. You finally have an opportunity to rest, make well use of this period, get well soon

It might also be a parent or sibling who is ill and sending well wishes shows how much you deeply care. Here are some get well soon messages for parents and siblings.

113. Get well soon dad, I still need you around

114. I have always seen you as superhuman, I am not used to seeing you ill at all, get well soon

115. I am sorry I can not be by your side presently, I need you to stay strong, get well soon

116. I love you so much mum and I need you back on your feet again

117. Get well sis, I miss turning the whole house upside down with you

118. You are my right hand now and I need you by my side always. Get well soon

119. The family isn’t the same without you, we all miss you

120. I was sad when I got the news but I know you will pull through. Get well soon mum

121. You have been working so hard mum, I don’t feel bad you are down, it would finally give you an opportunity to rest

122. I am praying for you and I know you will get better soon

123. I pray God blesses you with strength and vitality, I pray your health is restored speedily.

124. You are going to pull through this bro because you are pretty amazing. Get well soon

125. You are my little butterfly and I need you to stay strong for me

126. Get well soon sis, we all love you and we miss you a lot

127. I am not so worried because I know you will be fine. You are amazing

128. You are the sunshine in this house, the whole place has not been the same without you. Get well soon

129. Saying I miss you is an understatement, I miss you every second of the say, get well soon

130. Seeing you down has been difficult for me, I miss my up and doing brother.

131. Seeing you so ill is scary, I promise to do better as a lover. I will pay more attention to you, I promise.

Sending the right kind of inspiring messages to a loved one or colleague having a tough time is important. It serves as a source of encouragement and comfort and gives them a reason to smile. I would appreciate your comments and feedback, and I wish your loved one a fast and good recovery.

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