100+ Best Good Morning Prayers for Her in 2024

One of the most spectacular ways in which you can amaze your partner with love is through your kind prayers to them.

Early morning prayers of blessings for your girlfriend or wife would go a long way to demonstrate your genuine love and support for them.

Therefore, this morning, send them one or two of these wonderful prayers to prove your untainted love.

With no doubt, their love for you would be on another realm.

Good Morning Prayer for Girlfriend and Wife

Powerful good morning prayers for wife, Morning prayer for your girlfriend.

1. Arise and shine, my darling. For your light has come. I pray for divine guidance for your feet. Protection over your abode and journey mercy as you use the road. May all that you do yield success on this day. In the face of trials, you shall stand and become a winner. In times of tribulation, you shall have the grace to conquer. Your harvest shall be bountiful and you shall live long in happiness and tranquillity. May the heavens bless you with resilient helpers. May the angels from above be in favour of you. May the blessings carrying your name arrive here on earth in time. These much I pray for you, my love.

2. As the cock crow on this lovely morning, upon you I shower my kind prayers. May the good Lord supply all of your needs according to His riches in glory. May He surpass your dreams and imaginations as regards your expectations. You shall prosper in health and in wealth. You shall rise when you fall. No matter how much it costs the heavenly Father, He shall fight your battle on your behalf. He shall bring in your miracles. And make you the head and not the tail. I decree that you shall be above only. Your faith shall not wither. Neither shall your hope be broken. You shall be strong and shall do exploits. These I pray in the name above every other name.

3. Good morning, sweet wifey. For you, my prayers will be. I pray that the heavens attend to your needs and bring to pass all of your heart desires. Your expectations shall not be cut off. The power to live your dream, and achieve your vision, the Lord shall bestow on you. You shall not grow weak. Your strength shall not fail you. I pray for the grace and mercy of the Lord over your life. Your foot shall not hit a stone. No matter the season of life, your plants shall be prosperous and your efforts shall be fruitful. You shall flourish in all your ways. Your good works shall be rewarded. You shall be a source of hope to the hopeless. You shall be a blessing to your generation. Nothing shall stand in the way of your success. With health and long life, He will satisfy you and show you the way of His salvation. It is well with your soul in Jesus mighty name. I love you!

4. Good morning, beautiful. Kind prayers for you this morning. May the angels be with you. May all things work together in your favour. Whatever is malfunctioning in your systems, organs and in your body, the good Lord shall remould entirely. You shall be the best of your kind. Your gifts shall flourish and your heavenly Father shall reward all of your efforts. You shall receive when you ask. You shall find when you seek. All that you have lost shall come back into your bosom in plenty folds. You shall share your testimony of grace amongst the righteous. May the mercy of the Lord continue to abide with you. You shall see your desires come true. I pray in Jesus name.

5. Good morning, my love. Heavenly blessings springing from the core of my heart, I shower upon you this sunrise. May your cup run over with joy. May the Lord fight your battles and give you victory. You shall not be rejected in the places you go. The world shall listen to your voice. Your efforts shall not go to waste. Every day shall be such a blessing. You shall enjoy the grace of the Lord in all that you do. The spirit of excellence shall grant you divine success and your work shall be preferred amongst the rest. The voice speaking against you shall be nothing but a sounding cymbal. You shall make it to the end, I pray. It is well with your body, soul and spirit, my darling.

6. As you set out to start your day, my darling, may life treat you kind. Only goodness and mercy shall follow you. Never will you be stranded; divine helpers will always be at your beck and call. May the cool breeze of life blow in your direction; you’ll be far from war zone and stormy horizons. You’ll start well and end well. Your goals for today shall be duly met. And nothing will take away your beautiful smile. At the end of the day, you’ll give a sigh of fulfilment and relief.

7. I want you to know, you’re under the shadow of the Almighty. The cloud of darkness is never upon you. Only dreams of joy shall come to pass in your life today. You shall be teeming with life than the beautiful vegetations that surround you. Everyone will show you love, irrespective of who they are. Only good will come your day. You shall evade the arrows of the wicked and the plans of the evildoers. Trust God, today will be a beautiful day in your life.

8. Good morning, my heartbeat. You never cease to make me happy. Hence I pray, the angels of heaven will be dedicated to making you happy today. Your day shall be filled with love and mirth. Your expectations shall be met. Lack and want will be thousands of miles far away from you. You’ll experience outpour of blessings like you’ve never known. The world will be willing to help you. Angels will never distant themselves from you. Surely, the Lord will make you happy today. Gratitude will be your portion at the end of today.

9. Good morning, angel of my life. Today will mark the beginning of great things in your life. Nothing will encumber your progress; you’re matching forward and surmounting every obstacle. The sun will shine its glory on you. You shall be the joy if the world today. The sound of Jubilee will be heard from you. No evil, be it little or large will be your portion. Your proceeds of victory shall beat your expectation. Your going out is indeed blessed. You shall have a great day.

10. Sweety, good morning. Sadness, anxiety, depression shall be far away from you. You shall commence the day with joy, love and a beautiful smile. Everything you lay your hands on shall be blessed. Frustration will not be your portion. You’ll reap bountifully and come back home with a substantial amount of harvest. Today, you shall be a giver of love, time, smile and money. Everything you give shall return back to your bosom in many folds. You’re surely protected from all harms. You’re blessed.

11. Good morning, sweet angel of my life. You deserve all the blessings in the world. So, these much I pray for you; may your going out and coming in be highly favoured. May the Lord attend to all your needs. May your health blossom like a seed planted by the riverside. May you share the testimonies of victory. May all your sins be forgiven. So shall it be for you, my love. Enjoy the rest of your day.

12. Good morning, sweet girlfriend. I decree this upon you; may your source of happiness never run dry. May your loved ones live long to see you do good. You shall have plenty every day of your life. Your hands are blessed. Your lovely smile shall not take a vacation. Your peace of mind shall never become history. The devil shall not steal your joy. Abundant life shall you live. Amen.

13. Good morning, my love. Instead of pain, you shall have joy because Jesus of Nazareth bore it all on the cross on your behalf. Shame shall never again be your portion. Disappointment shall not bare your name. You shall have many reasons to praise your God. In times of needs, you shall receive help. The Lord shall be your support. Amen in Jesus name.

14. Good morning, my darling. I love you so much to pray for you. So, I say; that which you’ve waited on the Lord for shall arrive into your abode this day. Your name shall enjoy God’s mercy and your works, the favour of God and man. The Lord shall surprise you with miracles, the heavens shall defend your cause. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. You shall thrive in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

15. Good morning, my lovely wife. Like an angel, you’ve stood by me. Thus, on this special day, I pray; the heavens shall be your friend. Angels from the Lord will bless you beyond your dreams. Disappointment shall betide the expectations of the evil ones against you. Your businesses shall prosper. Nothing shall hinder your health and growth. And so shall it be in Jesus name.

16. Good morning, my love. I pray to the heavens on your behalf, sadness and depression shall not reside in your heart. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. The favour of the Lord shall bring you out from amongst them. You shall enjoy the peace of God and bask in the great blessings of the Lord. You shall shout with a loud voice; there is a lifting up for me. These I pray for you, my love.

17. Good morning, sweetie. On this crack of dawn, I woke up to say these prayers for you; whatsoever is not planted of the Lord in your body is uprooted in Jesus name. Henceforth, your body shall be the temple of the Holy Spirit. The Lord shall come through for you. Men shall call you blessed and you shall live to declare the works of the most high. Have a lovely day, my darling.

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18. Good morning, angel. May the Holy Spirit fill your heart with joy. Your ears shall hear good news. Your mouth shall tell of His grace. Your testimonies are sure. And your change will come. You shall be treated kindly by the people of this world. So shall it be in Jesus name.

19. Good morning, sweetie. My heart longs to bless you this morning. So, I say; may the Lord increase you and cause His face to shine upon you. May He rest His hands upon your head for good. May He reveal unto you the secrets of the wealthy places. You shall laugh last and win well. The Lord shall be with you till the end of time. Enjoy, my love.

20. Good morning, sweetie. On this beautiful morning, the blessings of the Lord shall rain upon you. Your lips shall sing for joy. Miracles shall happen all around you. Your story shall become a testimony and your mess, a message, I pray. Amen.

21. Good morning, beautiful. As the sun rises on this day, may your burdens be unloaded, may your joy begin to occur. You shall feed nations. The Lord shall answer your prayers. Your loved ones shall not fall sick. You shall live healthily. The words of your mouth shall be that of peace. The world shall celebrate you. Your divine helpers shall not give up on you. These I pray in Jesus name. Amen!

22. When you sleep, you shall sleep peacefully. When it’s time for the day, you shall succeed in your endeavors. Your friends shall not forsake you in times of needs. May the angels protect you at all times. You shall make it to the end. The spirit of fear shall never possess you. Good morning, my love.

23. I’ll pray for you every day of my life because I love you. Today’s prayers for you are; the Lord shall bless you with all heavenly blessings. You shall inherit the prosperity of God’s kingdom. You shall not be mocked but celebrated. You shall be blessed with fruits of all kind. You shall sing for joy at the end of today. It is well with your body, soul, mind in Jesus name. Amen.

24. Good morning, sweetie. Your pillows shall not be filled with tears. The tears in your eyes shall only be for joy. The stars and the moon shall stand still for your prosperity. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Those that you need shall come to your aid. These I pray, in Jesus name.

25. Good morning, my love. I pray that you shall get to the promised land. The precious blood of Jesus shall set you free from every battle both internally and externally. You shall be made whole again, in Jesus name, Amen.

26. Good morning, beauty. Like the flowers beneath the sun, your beauty shall flourish. Like the blessings of the Lord upon Joseph, you shall be set apart. Enjoy your day, sweetie.

27. Good morning, my love. Be thankful for this day. These prayers I say for you; you shall be blessed in the morning, afternoon and night. The light of the Lord shall be your guide. You shall be such a blessing. Amen.

28. Good morning, my dear. May the peace of God be evidently around you. May He bless you with outstanding wisdom and knowledge. May your fountain of joy never run dry. Amen in Jesus name.

29. Good morning, my love. I pray by this time next year, you shall show forth your proceeds of victory. Confusion shall never be your portion, you shall laugh last and laugh best in Jesus name, Amen.

30. Good morning, sweetie. By the grace of God, you have seen the light. So, I pray that the heavens shall show you the way to prosper. And bring to pass all of your dreams and visions.

31. Good morning, my love. You deserve my kind prayers because you’ve been the best wife ever. Hence, may the Lord grant you happiness that is true and peace unceasing. You shall be made whole and made queen. You shall prosper, I decree.

32. Good morning, sweetie. As you arise from your bed, you shall find joy in the works of your hands. You shall share your testimony and sinners shall be converted. The mercy of the Lord shall bless you beyond imaginations. You’re blessed!

33. Good morning, my sweet girlfriend. Your boyfriend has got some kind prayers for you early this morning; the Lord shall be your shepherd and you shall not want. May you find abundance in the good things which you’ve lacked before. May you find favour in the eyes of the Lord. Your prayers shall be answered. Amen.

34. Good morning, my love. I decree that you shall soar higher to fulfill all of your dreams. You shall not lag behind and neither shall you lack. The Lord will be your reward.

35. Good morning, angel. I pray this morning, your health shall not fail you. Every year of your life shall be marked by success and every season of your life shall be prosperous. Enjoy your day, sweetie.

36. Good morning, my love. May your day be as refreshing as the morning dew. May you hear good news with your ears and see good with your own eyes. You shall be happy and glad. Enjoy your day.

37. Good morning, super wife. Wake up to my prayers for you; you shall walk and not fall, you shall run and not get tired. Your name shall be celebrated today and beyond in Jesus name.

38. Good morning, my love. May this day be the best you’ve had. May the heavens strengthen you to achieve your goals. You shall step foot at the right place and at the right time. So shall it be. Enjoy!

39. Good morning, my love. Like always, I pray for you; the Lord shall make rivers in your desert and make way for you in the wilderness. For your sake, He shall part the red sea. Remain blessed, sweetie.

40. Good morning, my love. From me to you; the doors of prosperity shall not be shut against you. Your fears shall be taken away and your limitations shall be broken. The Lord shall bless you abundantly. Enjoy, sweetie.

41. Good morning, sweet wifey. May the good Lord perform great wonders in your life and cause His will to be done in your life. You shall reap the harvest of answered prayers. Enjoy, my love.

42. Good morning, my darling. I decree that with joy, you shall draw water from the well of salvation. With peace, you shall live long on earth. May the heavens bless you in an unusual manner. And anoint you for breakthrough untold. Enjoy, my love.

43. Good morning, sweet wife. May these prayers come true for your sake; the places you have been mocked you shall be celebrated. Even to your enemies, you shall be a blessing. I pray the hand of the Lord is evident upon your life. Amen.

44. Good morning, my love. On this lovely day, I pray that your hard work shall be rewarded. May the Lord go before you and make every crooked way straight. You shall not lose to the devil. You’re blessed in Jesus name.

45. Good morning, my love. I pray this morning that, you shall have every reason to laugh. May God keep your family in good health. Your faith shall be rewarded. May everything about you be made whole.

46. Good morning, sweetie. I pray that like the sun, you shall shine even in the daytime and like the moon, you shall reign in the dark. The stars of the earth shall be your friends. For the rest of your life, you shall be happy and fulfilled. Amen.

47. Good morning, my love. Hear me now; the mercy of the Lord shall speak for you and His superlative grace shall abide with you. He shall cover you with His wings and protect you from the noisome pestilence. The Lord shall be your present help in time of need. Amen in Jesus name.

48. Good morning, wifey. I saved these prayers for you; may you have reasons to sing a new song over every challenge of your life. May the merciful Lord change your story for the better. Your home, the Lord shall bless and so shall it be forevermore. Amen.

49. Good morning, angel. On this day, I pray that the I am that I am chooses to bless you. May your abode be the destination of divine wonders and favours. You shall have the cause to smile for the rest of your life. In Jesus name, I pray.

50. Good morning, my love. I pray on this day that, may your troubles vanish with the wind. May this morning come with heaven’s blessings for you. God’s mercy shall come upon you. From everlasting to everlasting, you shall testify of his goodness. Amen.

51. Good morning, my sweet wife. I pray these with the whole of my heart; may the Lord blow your mind away with miracles. May He show you just how much He loves you. May your prosperity be known in all ends of the earth. Enjoy, sweety.

52. Good morning, my love. I pray fervently this morning, may the work of the devil be destroyed completely in your life. May you receive life in abundance and may your days be blessed with all heavenly blessings.

53. Good morning, my darling. I pray that upon yourself shall your crown flourish. May the garment of shame be torn apart from your body. In good health, you shall prosper. You shall go forward ever and backward never. These much, I pray for you, sweetie.

54. Good morning, wifey. Out of the abundance of my heart, I pray that the Lord cause His face to shine on you. May He bless you with unquantifiable wisdom. Your light shall shine brighter than the rest. May your dreams come true. I pray. Amen.

55. Good morning, my love. I pray this morning that your light shines so bright before all men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Have a good day, sweetie.

56. Your endeavours shall be blessed. Your beginning may be small, but be set for a huge turn- around. Things will change for the best for you, today. Favour is on your side, my dear.

57. Your education shall thrive. Failure will not be your reward. Your success shall shine as bright as a cluster of diamonds. You’ll be crowned with excellence and you shall be described as exceptional. Good morning, hon.

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58. Good morning, baby. Your effort shall be recognised. You shall never be looked down on. The angels of God will lift you up as you humble yourself. No evil will befall you today and beyond. You’re safe under the shadow of His wings.

59. Good morning, heartthrob. In times of distress, God will come to your rescue. You shall get help when you need it. You shall be counted worthy of honour and glory. May the mercy of God follow you.

60. Good morning, sweety. I cast away every overwhelming spirit of depression. The joy of the Lord will feel your heart. With energy and vigour will you approach life today. You shall not be discouraged. You’ll arise and be the best that you can be.

61. Good morning, baby girl. Only good news will I hear from you, today. Your expectation shall not be cut short. No matter how big your goals may be today; you shall meet your target. The grace of God will abide with you.

62. Good morning, hon. May you not suffer casualties today and for the rest of your life. Your health will be stable. Your body will be fit and agile. Breaking down is not your portion.

63. Good morning, my love. You shall not be made a laughing stock. Honour and glory shall be your portion. The garment of shame shall only be worn by your enemies. Your stars shall shine till the end.

64. Good morning, beautiful. As you step out, favour shall approach you. You’ll not beg for help. God will send divine helpers to you. You’ll be lifted up to the point of success, and so shall it be.

65. Where you’ve failed, you’ll be celebrated. You shall be known as a winner today. You shall fight and win all your battles by God’s Grace. The Lord will never leave you. Good morning, my sunshine.

66. Good morning, sweetness. You’ll eat to your satisfaction today. Your daily bread shall be abundant. You’ll not manage the crumbs from the tables of the kings. You’re highly blessed.

67. Good morning, my baby. Peace will you find in your heart, body, and soul. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, hence it shall not be a host for any demonic activities.

68. Good morning, my true love. The kind of wealth and prosperity you’ve never enjoyed before will you be blessed with today. You’ll know abundance today.

69. My wifey, good morning. Your home shall continuously enjoy the peace of the Holy Ghost. The devil shall not take pleasure in you and everything that is yours. Forever will you possess a happy big family.

70. The Lord will use you to bless others. You shall be an instrument of favour for another. You shall be a destiny helper and a benefactor to someone. The will and grace to be a blessing to another will be upon you.

71. Good morning, my baby. Your effort shall be acknowledged and complimented. What you’ve built shall never be destroyed. God in His infinite mercy will bless and beautify the works of your hands.

72. Good morning, my darling. Wonders shall you experience today. Miracles from above will fall upon you. Every difficulty in your life will be made easy by the one whose yoke is easy.

73. Good morning, my baby. God will bear your burden upon himself. He will not leave you to be weary. Today shall mark the beginning of your freedom from troubles and battles of life.

74. Good morning, angel. The Lord shall forgive all of your sins. You’ll be made whole. Your past is over. God will change your story and rewrite your destiny for good.

75. God will do a new thing in your life and grant you a fresh start. You shall enjoy different forms of testimonies. You shall be called the land of evidence.

76. Good morning, my honey. You’re matching forward today. Your growth shall not be thwarted by the forces of darkness.

77. Good morning, sweety. You shall not fall into the trap of the devil. The Lord will guide you from all temptations.

78. Good morning, pretty. From the hair on your head to the sore of your feet, you shall be strong. Sickness and diseases shall not be your portion.

79. Good morning, my beautiful. The glory of God shall locate you. Heavenly blessings will pour out on you.

80. Good morning, love. You shall not be cheated. Your dues shall be given unto you. Where you’re unqualified, favour shall lift you up.

81. Good morning, baby. The Lord will cover you up with His glory. You shall know no shame as long as you live.

82. Good morning, hon. Today will be a perfect day for you. You shall make sweet memories. Happiness will flow in you like a river.

83. Good morning, baby. Every one that comes your way will be a blessing to you. You shall not be cursed. The goodness of God shall be your portion in the land of the living.

84. Good morning, sweety. As you go out today, you shall go out in peace and return with joy. The devil will never succeed with you, in Jesus name.

85. Good morning, love. Your business will experience supernatural blessings. You shall enjoy massive sale. God will send customers and buyers to you that will make your day, in Jesus name.

86. Good morning, hon. God will provide all your basic needs. You shall never beg for bread. You’ll constantly have a roof over your head. So shall it be in Jesus name.

87. Good morning, baby. Every disorderliness in your life shall be fixed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

88. Good morning, sweetness. Your cry has been heard by God. Hence, you shall obtain your testimony before the end of today in Jesus name.

89. Good morning, cute. As you begin your day today, the Lord will be with you. Your going out and coming in shall be great.

90. Good morning, my favourite. Where you were once rejected, you shall be accepted. God’s favour shall follow you at all time, in Jesus name.

91. Good morning, my heartbeat. The Lord will restore and perfect your health today. You shall never fall sick again.

92. Good morning, my true love. You shall be protected by the right arm of God. Evil will never be upon you.

93. Good morning, beautiful. Disappointment shall not be your portion. Your dream shall be fulfilled on this day.

94. Good morning, gorgeous. You’ll surely beat your former records of success. You’ll achieve greater feat today than you’ve ever known.

95. Good morning, my sweetheart. Joy, peace, prosperity and good health shall all be your portion by God’s Grace.

96. Good morning, hon. The Holy Spirit will order your steps and keep you safe in Jesus name.

97. Good morning, my baby. You shall be celebrated for good, today. You shall move from one glorious height to another.

98. Good morning, sunshine. You shall only meet the right persons today. You’ll never run into the wrong hands. God shall be eternally faithful to you.

99. Good morning, my love. Wisdom shall be given unto you. You shall never lack knowledge and understanding in Jesus name.

100. Good morning, angel. The Lord will enlarge your coast. Poverty, lack and want shall be far from you in Jesus name.

With these affectionate prayers, you’ve got all it takes to earn their blessings in return.

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