Have a Safe Journey My Love, I Will Miss You

I Will Miss You My Love Journey Quotes

Amazing Have a Safe Journey for Him/Her, I Will Miss You

I will Miss You So Much But Have a Safe Journey My Love.

I was counting your love for me,
With the trees beside the road.
I was surprised to see how limitless your love is,
When there were no more trees!

No journey is sweet if not with you
No path is smooth if not with you
Every journey seems like forever without you.
I am missing you already.

This feeling is so strange!
Each metre I take feels like I am going away from you forever.
I am seeing reasons why I shouldn't stay long.
Just be calm, I will be back sooner than you expected.

I may have avalanche of amazing memories,
And every second of the journey might appear gorgeous.
You not here only makes me sick and weak.
I will be back before you know it.

I know exactly how you are feeling.
Feeling like I should be there with you!
Just don't let it bother you much,
I will be back as promised.
Please keep yourself for me.
I love you.

This is why I don't like travelling!
I miss you so much whenever I do.
I am really longing to see your face!
I will be back for you my love.

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Much Journeys may depreciate vehicles,
But it won't depreciate my love for you.
The more I go, the lovely in my heart you are.
I am missing you, but I will be back soonest.

You are never left alone,
You are never left derided.
It is normal when you have such feelings.
Please stay strong, I will be back soonest.

For each step I take, I think of you
For every move I make, I think of you.
One reason for me not to stay long!
I am missing you my sweet.

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Written By Olalekan Adebumiti.