2024 Best and Powerful Prayers for Good Friends

“A man that has friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks more than a brother.” “Proverbs 18 vs 24”.
Each of our friends needs our assistance in one way or the other either financially, academically, materially, in support of any situation.

But its wiser and spiritually sound and important to pray for them and also send these prayers to them to make them know how much we desire God’s Workings in their lives.

Even Jesus Christ called believers His friends and also prays for us. Whether things are bad or not, everyone needs prayer. I believe that friend of yours will be so delighted knowing you don’t just make friends for “making sake” but that your friendship is based on truth and love for each other.

Truly “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.
Here are awesome and powerful prayer point to share with that special friend of yours. You will actually thank God you visited this site. Let’s ride on!

Powerful Prayers for Good Friends

Mighty and Powerful Prayers for Friends.

1. Hello friend, we give all glory to God Almighty for His uncountable blessings upon us in all ramifications. I pray for you this day that you shall experience all round mercies, graces, favours, guidance, leading, and breakthroughs from God in every aspect of your life and situations arising. Happiness shall be yours all through. God bless you.

2. Thanks be to God Most High for the opportunity of another life today. Hey, dear friend, may God bless you and keep you, may the light of God shine upon you, may He lift His light of countenance upon you. All of God’s purpose for you shall come to reality. Just believe and keep the faith. He is at work. Have a blessed day.

3. Nobody else is to be given all the praise, honour and glory to but God Almighty for His wondrous works. Thanks be to His Name. Listen, friend, may your life today being your special day be a day to remember for good. From now on by the grace of God, you shall experience new beginnings and fresh start in all your endeavors. No good thing shall be withheld from you. Stay blessed.

4. I thank God for His mercies upon us. He alone is worthy to be praised. It’s my prayer for you, friend, that the Lord shall bless you and make you a source of blessing to many others. Everything you lay your hands to do will prosper, you shall know no sorrow.

5. The Lord has in stock for us all great things that we can’t even imagine. All thanks to His Mighty Name. May this day bring bountifulness in all your investment in all spheres of your life. May you never be a victim of evil circumstances. The Lord shall be your guide all the way. Remain blessed, dear friend.

6. From the deepest part of my heart, I give You, o Lord all the praise, thanksgiving and glory for all You’ve done for us all. Sincerely, I pray for you my good friend that every mountain of sorrows before you is brought down and everything you desire according to the will of God shall be given to you. Each day will speak of blessedness and success to you. Much love from me to you!

7. Heavenly Father, Creator of all things. We appreciate You for everything You have done, You are doing and will yet do. Merciful Father, I place my friends before You in prayer that You be with them in every phase of their lives. May they receive favours, mercies and kindness in their journey throughout this day and more. All their needs shall be met in Jesus Name. Amen.

8. Thank Jesus for Your infinite mercy over us. Dear friend, may God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. May you know no want. The blessings of the Almighty shall abode with you. Lots of love!

9. We express our heart of gratitude to You O God of heaven and earth for Your innumerable blessings. I raise up my heart and voice to declare these things today for you, dear friend, that favour from God shall find you, the mercies of God shall locate you and protection from the Almighty shall shield you. Believe and be obedient, the Lord is with you.

10. O Lord of all creations, all thanks to You alone. I commit my friend before You this day, may his/her life be an expression of Your goodness and mercy. May all your businesses and investments flourish abundantly in the will of God. Blessings of God that adds no sorrow shall be upon you. Have a blessed day.

11. Awesome and Marvellous God, we glorify You and lift up Your Name above all for who You are and what You’ve done. Once again I lift up my heart of request for my friend that You should graciously deal and shower Your bountiful blessings upon him. Dear friend, may your life be full of the blessings of God. Amen.

12. Almighty Father of Lights, all praises be to You in the highest. I place my friends before You this moment and pray that there shall be great increment in their sources of income and that any form of troubles shall not overwhelm them. They shall always be victorious. Amen.

13. All glory to You God. We sincerely appreciate You. O God You said we should call until You and You shall answer us, I call unto You this day concerning my friend that You perform greater things is life and bless him in all ramifications. Stay rejuvenated!

14. I worship You O God, blessed Father. God of mercy and graces. I commit my friend to You this day that Your love and mercy shall continue to keep and care for her. No weapon fashioned against her shall prosper. Amen.

15. Hallelujah to the Lord God Almighty. Dear friend, may our God encompass you with His bountiful showers of blessings. May your ear be receptive to hear and heed to all His instructions and plans for your life. May His mercy separate you and make you stand out amongst all.

16. Thank you Jesus the Lord of lords, Your Kingdom reign forever. I charge my friends before You, may their lives receive a great elevation and greater heights. Favours and mercy will follow them all the days of their lives. Amen.

17. I pray for you dear friend that you shall receive complete wholeness in your spirit, soul and body. May you be healed of all your infirmities. The Lord shall be your comforter and cause His kindness to keep you.

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18. We magnify and glorify You O God for all Your blessings. May your day be blessed with divine favours and heaven’s loving-kindness shall be outpoured in you. Go with this assurance. God is with you.

19. Thank You Jesus, the author of life. I commit my friends to you that You keep them from all forms of evil and bad occurrences even as they embark on this journey. May Your Spirit guide and lead them to their destinations safely. Thank You for answers to prayer.

20. O Lord of Heaven and Earth, I wholeheartedly glorify Your name for Your gift of life. My friend is currently on her sick bed now, I pray that Your divine hand of healing will touch her and bring perfect healing to her. May she not experience this ailment and any other again. Good health in wealth is hers. Amen.

21. God of all flesh, we sincerely express our heartily thanksgiving to You for all You have done. Here is my friend, I place him before you that as he goes out today, may the sun not smite him by the day and the moon by night. May Your protection overshadow him and may he return home safely with a heart full of thanks to You.

22. Hello friend, appreciate God with me for all He’s done, doing and will yet do. And He shall strengthen you as you resume to today’s work, may you never break down but He shall constantly re-energize you and rejuvenate you. Remain blessed.

23. God is highly lifted up and given all glory of things in heaven, on earth and things under the earth. I declare unto you dear friend that the goodness and mercy of the Lord shall follow you all the days of your life. God bless you.

24. Hi lovely friend, may you never want, may you be placed on green pastures and all your struggles shall be a thing of the past. Enjoy your day.

25. Every second is an opportunity to give thanks to God. At this moments, I give Him all the praises. Here this out friend, your voice has been heard by God and intervention is coming to you now. Believe it.

26. We worship You O Lord and sing of Your praises. Thank You so much. I lift up my request to You on behalf of my friend that You visit him with uncommon favour and unspeakable joy. May his happiness be overflowing. Amen.

27. You O God are the reason why we are alive and here today. All thanks to You our lovely Father. On behalf of my friend, I say out these words of prayer that Your love will bring her to that unique plan You have designed for her life. Amen.

28. As the mourning endures for the night but joy comes in the morning so shall the Lord cause every moment of sorrows in your life to turn into abundance of joy and happiness. Amen.

29. By the grace of God, may all you need be bountifully provided for you, may everything that within and without you experience the peace of God.

30. May God’s mercy forgive you of all your wrong doings and may grace be given unto you to live a life of faith and soberness to the pleasing of His will. God bless you, friend.

31. Our God is an awesome God filled with awestruck wonders. Thanks be to His glorious name. I commit your life dear friend to Him that He will cause countless occurrences of His great wonders in your life. Enjoy your day.

32. May the Lord answer you when you call unto Him and may He grant you the desires of His Will to have full expression in your life. Stay blessed, lovely friend. Lots of love!

33. Thanks be God Almighty for all His wonderful works in our lives. Hey friend, looks like you are down but I just want to confidently assure you that God knows very much about your situation relax for God is at work and He will surely solve all your problems for He cares most. The Lord be with you. Amen.

34. Be of good courage dear for the problem you see today you shall see them no more. May the Lord shield you from every assault of the enemy.

35. There shall be no reason for you to mourn and may you never be in disarray. Blessings from God shall locate you. Have a rest of mind, the Lord knows.

36. Thanks be to the glorious King of kings. May you receive your miraculous job as you step out today. All your efforts shall be crowned with victory.

37. Hallelujah for the Lord God the Almighty reigns. All thanks to His marvellous name. Hello cute friend, may all your strivings towards getting a lucrative job be capped with a strive-ending job that will also give space for the obedience to the will of God. Stay blessed.

38. O God of all creations, all the glory, honour and praise belongs and we give to you. I pray for this friend of mine that the golden opportunities embedded in today shall find her and strength for the actualisation of these opportunities shall be given to her. Thank You for answering my prayer.

39. All the days of my life will I lift up Your name O God among the heathen for Your marvellous works. All praise to You. I commit my friend to you now that his worries and anxieties shall be dissolved and replaced with unspeakable joy and happiness. God bless you.

40. With a heart of faith and shout of victory, I declare by the grace and mercy of God that your lucrative and limited-stress business has come your way. Rejoice and be glad in the Lord. Have a great day ahead.

41. With a heart full of praise be exalted O Lord God of heaven and earth. Listen to this friend, may you not just come in contact with good jobs but you shall receive mercy to produce jobs for other people. Amen.

42. Thanks be to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. I decree unto your life lovely friend that as you clock another year today, may new things begin in your life and new openings of God’s blessings upon you.

43. I pray for you this day that all of God’s desire for your life shall come into fulfilment e even as you add another year to your age today.

44. Every mountain of sorrows before you is made plain and you are released by God to go and prosper. Have a great day.\

45. May you receive new ideas to make your business flourish and strength to get to the peak of your achievement. Lots of love, dear friend.

46. You shall never be a victim of unfavorable incidents and you shall be under the mighty eyes of the Lord. The Lord is your guide.

47. Praise to the King of kings and Lord of lords. Hey friend, how is everything? I pray for you that everything you lay your hands to do shall bring forth great profit for you. Your yields shall experience increase. Amen.

48. Don’t take thought of what you shall eat, drink or put on. For the God of mercy shall make provision for all your needs. Do not worry at all God is in control. May the Lord bless you.

49. May all your expectations in whatever you have sown come with great income for you. Your expectations shall not be cut short! Amen.

50. Here this friend, may the Lord not withhold anything good from you. Make you are bent on loving Him

51. No one is to be given all praise and glory but to You O God. Thank You for all Your blessings. I commit my friend to You that you may allow her mouth to speak of the good things of You and cause laughter to continually be in her mouth.

52. I pray to God for you this hour that songs of breakthrough and victory shall you sing over that problem. Be at peace for God hears you.

53. Thanks be to God Almighty for all His mercy. It’s my prayer for you friend, that God shall deliver you from all your enemies both within and without. You shall have peace from all your troubles. Amen.

54. I worship You great Father of lights for the gift of life both for me and my lovely friend. I bring him to You in prayer this day that divine tranquillity will upon him and his abode. Your blessings shall overflow his life.

55. Heavenly Father, You who answers the prayers of Your children. I put my friends before You this minute that they shall all experience accelerated speed into what You have in stock for them even Your abundant blessings. Thank You again for answering my prayer.

56. O Lord of Righteousness, You whose kingdom is established in justice and righteousness. I know that anything cut off from Your Kingdom is either dead or a living dead. I commit my friends into Your hands please Lord help them not to do anything that will make them cut off from Your kingdom. Be their guide and leader.

57. Everlasting Father, we give You all the praises and honour for all You have done, all You are doing and all You will do both my life and friend’s life. Thank You so much.

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58. Blessed Father I bring my friend before You this day. May Your mercy revolt round his life and may he be blessed on all side. Thank You for answers to the prayer. Hallelujah!

59. Dear friend, we thank God for His merciful acts and kindness upon us. May you experience good health in wealth and peace of mind. Troubles and sorrows shall not come your doorstep.

60. May you arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Remain blessed.

61. The Lord shall cause great harvest to come upon that investment you made. Great increase from all your sources of income.

62. Unto to You O God be the glory and honour. My soul blesses Your name. My heart request from You O Lord concerning my lovely friend that You attend to her needs and incline Your ear to all her desires. Friend, receive more of faith to receive from God. Stay blessed.

63. “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God and believe also in His Son Jesus Christ” for that height of problem is brought down. Move in the freedom of God.

64. To God be the glory for the great things He has done and greater things He will do. Hey friend, I want you to ask from God for it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you. Just believe and it is done. The Lord be with you.

65. May the Lord bless you with wonderful things and riches. May you and your family be blessed beyond measures and be at peace. God bless you.

66. I pray for you friend, that you shall experience wellbeing in your spiritual, physical, financial, academic life. You shall know no lack. Amen.

67. All praise to You O Lord for You know all what we need even before we make them known. I pray for my friend this hour that you shall surprise them with the needs of their heart even before they make mention of it.

68. May you be blessed exceedingly and abundantly been beyond measures. The Lord shall shine His grace upon your life.

69. As you go out today, friend the Lord shall cause the earth to bring forth her blessings to you and all her treasures in dark places.

70. Go in peace and come back in peace and heart filled with praises to God for I believe goodness shall come your way today.

71. No matter the name the disease is called, both you and your family shall not have the tiniest portion of it.

72. With a heart of gratitude, we extol You O God of heaven and earth for who You are. I commit my friend into Your hands, o may she be guided by Your angels everywhere she goes and Your eyes shall be over her. Blessings are yours today, friend.

73. As you grow in body, may you grow in all aspects and phase of your life. The Lord shall by His grace bring you into the fulfilment of your destiny. Amen.

74. May you flourish in all you do and mercy be given you to explore and perform exploits for God. Favours and kindness shall you receive from God. Remain blessed.

75. You are a friend indeed, and I wholeheartedly appreciate God for making me a friend of yours. I pray to God that He should graciously deal with you and cause His mercy to be as a cord around your neck. Each of your endeavors shall receive grace and favour.

76. All glory, honour and praise to You O God, Father of lights. On behalf of my lovely friend, I pray that he shall be fruitful and blissful in all he lays his hands to do according to God’s purpose. Amen.

77. May the blessings of God that clears off all debts and still have in abundance be given to you. May never borrow anymore but nations shall borrow from you in Jesus name. Amen.

78. All thanks to God Almighty for His mercies over our lives. May the light of God shine upon you and illuminate your life with joyfulness and happiness.

79. May you be renewed in strength and be rejuvenated to tackle the day’s job.

80. I pray that the favour and mercy of God that surpasses all understanding visit you. Amen.

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