2024 Most Romantic New Year Wishes for Boyfriend From the Heart

Yippie! It’s a new year. And typically, it holds a sentiment for wishes and prayers to usher in the new calendar.

So, 2024 has finally arrived. Thus, not only should you send out lovely new year messages to your loved ones, but top on the list should be the love of your life; your boyfriend in particular.

Hence, happy new year messages for boyfriend is the number one romantic gesture you should display for your lover at the nascent time of the year. It’s the least you can do and even the least expected of you.

So, go ahead and let your boyfriend know he’s one of the best things that accompanied the new year just with any of these romantic new year wishes for boyfriend.

Happy New Year Wishes for Boyfriend From the Heart

Romantic New Year Wishes for Him, Romantic Wishes for Boyfriend for Year 2024.

1. My love, may the new year bring you good tidings. Happy new year.

2. May the biggest blessings in this new year flow to you like a river. My love, this is the beginning of a new dawn for you.

3. In the previous years, you’ve cared for me than I did you. This new year, I’ll be your guardian angel. Let me be your heroine.

4. I’m happy, you’ve seen the first moon of the new year. May your blessings triple the stars in the sky. Happy new year, hon.

5. Sweety, your expectations both high and low will be met this new year. You’ll live the year in absolute fulfillment.

6. A lovely boyfriend like you deserves all the kisses and caresses in the world. I’m wishing you all the love in the world.

7. You’re the biggest gift to me this new year. My love, these 365 days before you will be the best days of your life so far.

8. I promise to love you more. May your life be sweeter than a new wine as you mark this new year, baby.

9. The farther you go into the year, the more your blessings shall accumulate. Happy new year, my sweet boyfriend.

10. Your love has kept me strong in the previous years. May your large heart be rewarded with the good things of life as you ride through the new year.

11. Your smile melts my heart than the sun. You shall have many reasons to smile and laugh out loud in joy as you commence this new year, baby.

12. A new year is like a new dawn. May your life this new year begin well; giving you a hope and a beautiful future. Happy new year, my love.

13. I’ve never had a boyfriend like you. May this new year bring you untold joy, happiness and love.

14. Happy new year, sweety. You shall walk into the realm of abundance this new year. Lack, want and drought shall be far from you.

15. Every day of your life in this new year shall be marked in joy. That is my heartfelt wish for you, darling.

16. Happy new year, cute boyfriend. May heaven descend its glory on you. You shall spend this new year in happiness.

17. My love, no matter how good the previous years have been, this new year shall be far greater than the former. Happy new year, baby.

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18. You’ll see yourself in wealth and success. This is the promise of the new year for you, hon.

19. From my heart, I wish you a splendid new year. May your glory this year be seen and celebrated than it ever was. Happy new year, babe.

20. I love you, sweety and you know who else does? The new year! This year promises to be a blessing to you.

21. You’ll be exorcised of every old bad habit and addiction. This year will produce a brand new you. Happy new year, my love.

22. My baby, you’ll stand like a rock this year. You’ll never sink like a miry clay. Sickness and diseases will never find a place in your body this new year.

23. My love, you shall record great and incredible successes this new year. Your years of failure are all blown with the wind.

24. You’ll meet angels that will help you progress this new year. You’ll never come across an albatross. Happy new year, my only one.

25. You’re the reason this year is tagged “marvellous,” cause you’ll be a wonder to many. My love, this is your year of amazement.

26. Darling, the new year promises to be great. You shall be the best you’ve ever been. Your breakthrough shall come quickly with the speed of light. Happy new year, love.

27. You’ve loved me selflessly and have protected me heroically. This year, you shall be surrounded by the angels of heaven. You’ll never fall but stand till the end.

28. Happy new year, my sweetest love. The previous year was good to you. However, this year will be the best you’ve ever lived.my

29. With every fibre in me, I’m wishing you a prosperous new year. Your name shall be etched on the wall of success. Happy new year, my love.

30. At the end of this new year, you’ll be the most blessed. Happy new year, my baby.

31. Your heart is filled with love. May every secret demon you’re fighting be subdued this new year.

32. You’ll never miss any golden opportunity. Your benefactors will come in their numbers this new year. Happy new year, boo.

33. This year, you shall be seen as mighty and powerful, influential and wealthy. Happy new year, my love.

34. No matter your happiness and blessings last year, this new year will bring more to you, my love.

35. Like a flower grows, so shall you grow and blossom. Like a river flows, so shall your blessings flow. This new year is going to be all about you, baby.

36. Happy new year, hon. Just like the moon, you shall increase in size and like the sun, you’ll shine at all time.

37. As the year progresses, so shall you do. My love, happy new year; wishing you a fruitful one.

38. I’ve never found a heart like yours, neither have I seen a love as strong as yours. This new year, you shall enjoy in abundance every seed of love and kindness you’ve sown. Happy new year, love.

39. You’ll be more glorious than the sky with the stars. You’ll be more magnificent than a splendid sun. Happy new year, baby.

40. You’ll count your blessings until you lose count. Happy new year, my everlasting love.

41. I love the scent of you, it reminds me of the beautiful things in the world. It’s another new year, my love. Be sure to have a superlative one.

42. Happiness will overwhelm you like a hurricane. Success will overtake you like a plane; these are the blessings of the new year for you, my love.

43. No matter how the thunder rumbles and the storm rages, you’ll never record any casualty nor loss throughout 2024. Happy new year, my baby.

44. You have a large heart that leaves me in awe of you. May this new year reward you bountifully in many good ways. Happy new year, love.

45. My love, it’s so much joy to see you in another new year. I’m happy you scaled through the previous year like a warrior. My wishes for you this year is great fulfillment.

46. May you see many more new years. This wouldn’t be the last of its kind, my love. Happy new year.

47. Can’t wait to ride this year with you. Happy new year, my ride or die partner. Wishing you a fulfilling new year.

48. Blessings shall trail you this new year, baby. Every calamity lurking around you shall be averted for your sake. This year will make you cry the tears of joy. Happy new year, my true love.

49. Your life shall be amazing than the stars in the sky. This is one of my numerous wishes for you for the new year, my love.

50. Happy new year, my sweety. You’ll only know peace and joy this new year. Fear and anxiety shall never hold you down as you go through the year

51. Each day in this new calendar year will make your dreams come true. Happy new year, hon.

52. May 2024 only offer you the best things of life. Happy new year, love of my life. Many glorious days will you witness in this new year.

53. Hon, I want to wish you a magnificent new year. May you discover the secret for your success. You’ll be a gem of success this year.

54. Happy new year, my love. You’ll climb the highest ground. You’ll never be made to walk on low ground this new year.

55. Sweety, happy new year. You’ll be amongst the most successful gentlemen 2024 ever produced. This is your year of undeniable success.

56. My love, you’ll be made to wear royal apparels in this new year. May your coats be made of many alluring colour.

57. Happy new dawn, cause it’s a happy new year. May you sing a new song this year, my love.

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58. This new year shall add great value and substance to your life. Happy new year, baby.

59. Happy, happy new year, my love. May your health be stable and sound. You’ll never be bedridden in the course of the year.

60. Your earnest desires have been seen by the angels. You’ll be the first to experience an incredible miracle this new year. Happy new year, baby.

61. My love, I can assure you that this new year will never fall short of your expectations. Your dreams no matter how large will be fulfilled this year.

62. You’ll never be stranded. You’ll meet several angels to assist you as the year progresses. Happy new year, baby.

63. I’m so deeply in love with you. May this new year show you enormous love. Have a great new year, baby.

64. You’ll not have to wait for another year before your dreams shall be fulfilled. Like an angel, this new year has come to fulfill your biggest dreams. Happy new year, baby.

65. I can tell, you’ll only live the life of your dream throughout this new year. Happy new year, darling.

66. In the whole wide world, there’s no other lover like you. My earnest wish for you this year is to encounter a major breakthrough that will change your life for the best. Happy new year, love.

67. No matter the whirlwind that blows in 2024, you’ll only feel the breeze of love, joy and fulfilled. Happy new year, my sweet boyfriend.

68. Happy new year, my baby. You’ll only progress and never suffer stagnancy and regression as the year progresses.

69. You’re simply the most lovely boyfriend in the world. I can’t help but wish you a great new year full of unconditional love and mirth.

70. You’ll be happy and you’ll be grateful in every month of 2024. Happy new year, my only love.

71. You’ve never been a curse to me. Hence, may the new year be a great blessing to you, my love.

72. You’ll fly so high than the birds in the sky. Your tall dreams will come to reality in 2024. Happy new year, baby.

73. Your hard work shall pay off greatly in this new year. You’ll become a paragon of success. Happy new year, hon.

74. You’ve come this far, your life shall never be cut short in this new year. You shall live till you grow beautifully old, my love. Happy new year.

75. Happy new year, sweety. I want you to know that only the best awaits you in 2024.

76. I have a lovely man for a boyfriend. Hence, he deserves the best from the new year. So, I’m wishing you, my darling a colorful new year of love, riches, health and happiness. I love you.

77. To the special one in my heart; I wish you the best of this new year. May all your dreams come true, my love.

78. May your cup be filled with wine and your dishes never dry on food. With grace shall you inherit the goodness of the land. Happy new year, my love. These and many more I wish you.

79. I’m blessed to have you. Thus, with all of my heart, I wish you a very happy new year. With love and wealth shall you live through the year.

80. Let’s toast to prosperity and longevity, for this year has got both of them in it, specially for you, my darling. Happy new year, sweetheart.

81. To the joy of your heart and the riches of your barn, there shall be no end. Happy new year, my love.

82. I wish you all good and perfect gifts flowing from the bosom of the Lord into your world. Happy new year, sweetie.

83. Prepare for a miracle, for I know prosperity shall find you in this year. My kind wishes are with you, my darling.

84. May this new year be the best you’ve had all your life. Happy new year, my superb boyfriend.

85. Dear love of my life; may this new year bring into your world that which your heart has longed for. Enjoy your new year, sweetie.

86. From my heart flows an array of wishes. May this new year usher in good tidings into your world. I need you to be happy, my darling.

87. With grace, you shall take each step. And with favour, you shall prosper amongst men. I love you, babe. It’s your year.

88. Luckily for you, my darling, this year without doubts sure will be the most amazing and positive of all time. Happy new year, sweetie.

89. Because the year is new, I hope new blessings, new breakthrough and new wealth take pleasure in you. Happy new year, sweety.

90. As the calendar turns a new leaf so shall the turbulence and worries of your heart. I wish you unmeasurable peace and health, my darling.

91. With each ray of the sun shall your joy come. With every appearance of the moon shall you increase in greatness. Happy new year, my heartbeat.

92. Do not hope for anymore, get ready for amazing breakthroughs and miracles. Happy new year, handsome.

93. Look out the window and see the stars representing the many blessings shinning into your world. Happy new year, my love.

94. Smile as broadly as the ocean, for the time you’ve waited for has come. Happy new year, love. Do have a swell time.

95. For you, my love, I pray sweet experience in this new year. Have a good time gracing through the year.

96. In the depth of my eyes, I see you deserve the best. At the corridor of my heart are warm wishes to see you through this calendar. May you have reasons to laugh long and laugh last, my love.

97. With all my love for you, I wish you a superb new year of love and abundance. Enjoy, sweety.

98. Sashay into the new year, for the appointed time of your prosperity has come. Happy new year, my one true love.

99. In my heart, I wish, all your worries would be gone with the winds of yesteryear and your tranquillity will come with the dawn of a new day. I love you, my darling.

100. This feeling of love in my heart makes me wish so many kind blessings on your behalf. Have a yearlong of happiness and prosperity, my darling.

101. Search me through and through, find the kind wishes in my heart for you. Happy new year, sweet boyfriend. Wishing you a lifetime of everything you wish for.

102. Where your prayers can’t take you, I hope my wishes take you there. Happy new year, my love. I hope you be that which you’ve dreamed to be, my darling.

103. Carefully, chosen with love are these many wishes in my heart for you; good health, colorful wealth, abundant life of happiness, and a blissful life of peace. Happy new year, my love.

104. As the year rolls into another, I hope your happiness continues to live and thrive. May your heart never get weary of love and life. I love you, my sweetie.

105. Wishing you dynamics of heartfelt smiles and laughter. A wonderful season of love, I pray for you, my darling. Enjoy the new year. I love you.

106. A heap of success and a table of blessings, may the heavens present before you. Happy new year, my darling.

107. There you have it; love, joy, prosperity and peace for the year. Enjoy, my sweetie.

108. Longed for this day, to shower upon you the kind wishes of my heart. May this year beat the drums of prosperity in your abode, may you dance to the tune of abundance, I pray. Happy new year, my superman.

109. I love the steps of your feet, for they are righteous and faithful. Hence, I hope they lead you into a world of abundance and peace. Happy new year, sweety.

110. Behold my eyes, my love. For therein lies the wishes of wisdom and prosperity onto you, my darling.

111. I’ll wine and dine, for my love is alive to read my wishes. Happy new year, my heartbeat. I hope heavens be kind to you and the earth be friendly to your deeds.

112. I love you. Thus, my wishes are kind and aptly made for you. Happy new year, angel. Wishing you undisputable expansion and dominion.

113. More than the mere wishes of the mouth, my heart prays for you to prosper and shine in these new days. Happy new year, sweetie.

114. Run the year’s race with pride, for I know you’d come first as you have in my heart. Happy new year, my love.

115. The flames of wishes rise in my heart. Calling upon the Father to bless my only one. Happy new year, love. I’ll love you like never before.

116. Loving you is the greatest pleasure I know. Hence, my wishes for you; may you find that which your eyes seek to see and your heart longs to have.

117. I’ll ride this horse of wishes into the land of reality. For I hope you find peace and abundance, happiness and wisdom. Happy new year, sweety.

118. May the angels look into your loving heart of gold, to make true your desires. For you’re but another angel on earth. Happy new year, my darling. Loving you is a commandment I’d rather not break.

119. If the sky could talk, it’ll tell you of my wishes. Read them through my heart; enjoy a loving year of happiness and fulfilment. Happy new year, my darling.

120. No one shares my heart with you, same as the many kind wishes in it for you. Have a splendid year of wonders and greatness. Happy new year, sweetie.

121. Feel the beat of my love through the kind rhythm of these wishes; love and light, prosperity and grace, wisdom and understanding. So I pray to be your portion in this new year and beyond.

122. I won’t close my eyes to sleep, for I have wishes to make for my darling. Wishing you the best of the new year and the greatest of heavenly blessings. Happy new year, love.

123. As I breathe in the air of love with you, I breathe out these wishes for you, my love; may your needs be met by an angel, may your dreams come to pass in a jiffy. Happy new year, love.

124. Happy new year, sweetheart. My heart can’t help but wish you all the good things of life and the amazing blessings of the new season. Happy new year, sweetie.

125. Pause for a moment of wishes, my darling. I hope the year takes you into a new world of positivity and grace. Happy new year, my darling.

126. I’ll paint this year with red wishes of love, blue wishes of peace and purple wishes of royalty. Have an amazingly pleasant new year.

127. To the only one of my heart and the soul of my being; happy new year, my darling. Permit me to wish you all that you wish for yourself and even so much more.

128. Jumping into your heart was made easy with your kisses. I hope my wishes make the difference in this new year. Wishing you many more of heaven’s blessings.

129. In good health shall you kiss my tender lips, in prosperity shall you walk by my side. And with peace shall you love me through the years. Happy new year, my love.

130. As the year unravels itself, every smile on your face shall be let out of you by contentment and progress.

131. Happy new year, love. May the sad robe of mourning not find its place upon your shoulders. I love you greatly.

132. Do not give up on life and hope, for therein lies the world you desire. Happy new year, love. Wishing you the joy, love, wealth and peace.

133. As you open the doors of your home every day, may you welcome into your abode the many different blessings of the Father.

134. Happy new year, sweetie. Like the sweetness of honey, the taste of this year shall be rich in your mouth.

135. I hope my wishes come true, for my heart loves the sound of your name amidst its gentle beat. Happy new year, bae. Wishing you a great happiness and poise.

136. Before I kiss your lips once more, I say to the heavens; kindly, bless my darling beyond doubts and reasoning. I love you, cutie.

137. You deserve your own sun and moon. For your heart is large and full of love. Wishing you all the best of this new year in great abundance.

138. As I swim in the ocean of your heart, may the angels shower you with glory and honour. Happy new year, my love.

139. Sweeter than the taste of the morning wine is the savor of your love. And out of its contentment, I wish you happiness and prosperity and I promise you love everlasting. Happy new year, love.

140. Feel the softness of my skin, hence, shall your year be smooth and delightful. Have a lovely new year, my darling.

141. May the angel of love who ushered you into my world, do lead you into the world of peace and happiness. Happy new year, love.

142. Do have an amazing new year, starting with the sweet kisses of my lips. Happy new year, love.

143. Draw near me and feel the warmth of love and taste the sweetness of kind wishes. Happy new year, love. I just wish you happiness that is true.

144. Let me plant a wish into the heaven’s heart, for I need her to bless my love so bountifully. Happy new year, sweetheart.

145. Love and light to you. Wishes and prayers for you. Happy new year, dearest. Wishing you blessings inexplicable and happiness incomprehensible. I love you.

146. Every part of my heart wishes you a happy new year of fulfilment and contentment. Happy new year, love.

147. To the man I love the most; my heart pounds with your wishes. I hope you find that you’ve always dreamt of. Happy new year.

148. You’re the best part of the new year, for you’re here with me. Oh, my sweet love, I wish you a purposeful life of love and abundance.

149. Happy new year, love. Here’s me treating you to a breakfast of wishes; may your heart never be clouded by the misery of hopelessness but the brightness of prosperity and peace.

150. A new year miracle for my love. So I pray to the angels. Happy new year, love. May the heavens write your name for blessings. I love you, my darling.

Have it at the back of your mind, that any of these happy new year wishes for him will do justice to your love life.


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