Romantic Weekend Messages for Him or Her

Romantic Weekend Messages for Him or Her in 2024

Everyone looks forward to the weekend especially because of the comfort and luxury of time it brings.

Preparing your lover’s mind for a great one with you would take nothing less than a romantic text message.

You do not have to light the candle, nor spread rose petals around your home in order to have them look forward to another romantic weekend with you.

You really don’t have to go on a movie date with them so that you’d have the best weekend you’ve ever had as lovers.

Even if that was the case, an amorous message from you to them as soon as Friday dwindles out would spark their minds and reconnect their very soul to you faster than anything else. Why? The excitement that comes with a romantic text is irreplaceable.

So, these romantic weekend messages for him or her would give you, lovebirds, the best weekend you’ve ever had. Only a trial would convince you. So, go ahead.

Happy Weekend Messages and Quotes for Him or Her

Let your lover have the best of this weekend through these romantic weekend messages and will make him or her happy, smile and feel specially loved. The best of happy weekend messages, wishes and quotes out there for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

1. Weekends are for you and I. Just us against the world with our kisses for us and our love all over us.

2. Every weekend means time with the most special woman in my life. You’re that woman and I want us together till the eve of Monday, my love.

3. All of my burning passion during the weekdays will arise this weekend to burn your stress alive and take up the scents of our love to the sky.

4. Weekends are so beautiful because I’ve got a lover to share every moment with. Come, let me behold your tender smile and your piercing eyes of love.

5. I won’t let a second of this weekend go by without showing you how much I desire you. Not a minute would pass and I won’t say that I love you.

6. Come with the stress into my arms and I’ll do away with them with my kisses and caress. I hope for the best weekend with you, my love.

7. Imagine your luck if you have to spend the whole weekend with someone who adores you and would do anything to make you feel special because you truly are.

8. Even if I sleep alone through Saturday and Sunday, at least I can think of you all day without interruption. I love you, my darling.

9. You and I under the weekend’s moon, talking with love and unready to let go, sharing all of our secrets to each other would energise me for the coming days, my love.

10. There’s always an urge to see you and hold on to you once the weekdays are over. There’s a feeling within itching to express itself in full before you.

11. You shine differently when the weekend comes, and I love differently when I behold that shine of yours. So, I hope we spend this weekend together, my love.

12. I’ll be waiting for you at this corner of the world ready to spend every moment tripping for you and to enjoy every second with the most beautiful person in the world.

13. There’s no need to say so much to convince me of a time with you. You’re the one I love, so, I’d say yes to you even if you don’t ask.

14. I don’t care how short the weekend may be, but I promise to make it as colourful as the rainbow you see and as soft as the lips I love to kiss.

15. I wish there is a weekend that never ends, one with you and a bottle of wine amidst us with sonorous laughter to showoff our happiness and excitement.

16. There’s no better place to spend the coming days except in your heart and there’s no better way to say that you love me but eye to eye.

17. In my mind, I’m desperate to be with you and in my visions, I see just you and your pretty smiles. A great weekend would mean you and I seated side by side with nothing to fear but hope for.

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18. Life has got its own goodness. Hence, it brought us to a weekend. I’m glad that I’ll be spending these days with you.

19. Imagine when the moon becomes evident on a Sunday evening with you and I savouring the most delicious dinner we’ve ever had, love would make it tastier and your presence would make it unforgettable.

20. If the weekend gets messier than you envisioned, look into your heart and behold the beauty and serenity of love that lives inside of it. Yours has made mine the most delectable place on the planet.

21. When we take two steps together, I want two more, because a lifetime of a walk with you would be as short-lived as the days betwixt Friday and Monday.

22. I hope to be the reason why you’d smile for the longest time and I hope I’d be the reason why you’d want a lifetime of weekends to enjoy.

23. Most times, I just want to be with you all day with no responsibilities to fulfil save watching you sleep and making your every move. Only the weekend comes close to making this true for me, my love.

24. Since I ever kissed your lips, there’s nothing more I want but its taste. Since I spent a weekend with you, there’s not a burning desire than a lifetime with you, my love.

25. Under the full glare of the sun, I can say to you that you’re the brightest thing in my world and the loveliest treasure I’ve ever come by. My love was for you before the weekend and will be after it.

26. Hear the tick of the clock, cause it’s a reminder that every moment spent away from each other isn’t one to be recovered. So, come live this life with me, my darling.

27. 48 hours of the week cannot make up for the many hours spent outside the warmth of your arms, my darling. But I’d spend it with you anyway.

28. You’re the reason why life is meaningful and weekends are blissful. You’re the hope behind the sad moments and the joy beneath the mystery of life.

29. A weekend of love I’d give to you with a lifetime of passion that would never diminish in strength nor boisterousness because I love you.

30. It did hurt to be away from you for a while but I am appeased by the thoughts of coming back to you this weekend. I love you forever, my sweetness.

31. It doesn’t matter if the clouds are about to fall, cause as long as you’re with me, I am convinced everything will be OK. Enjoy your weekend, my love.

32. Life is short but the weekends are shorter. Still, I’ll relish every moment with you and feel the peace of love through your kisses.

33. I’d love to be your consolation when you’re hurting and to be your pleasure as soon as the weekend arrives. I’d love to be everywhere near you, my darling.

34. A million years from now and heavens will never forget the lovebirds that loved like an eternity would never come. Have a splendid weekend, my darling.

35. I want a weekend dance with you. One in which the rhythms of our hearts would lead us and the joy of our love would be music to us.

36. It’s impossible to not hold on to you when you’re the most beautiful gift life has ever given to me. It’s sad to spend a weekend beyond the reach of your loving gaze.

37. Let us see the world upon the wings of love. Let us explore the weekend with the fruits of love and passion.

38. I’ll camp with you at weekends because love beside you feels unusually good. So, take the whole of me and give me the whole of you.

39. Even for a few seconds, a moment with you is like the winds upon the ocean; I feel the warmth and the passion.

40. Nothing feels better than stealing your kisses and living life beside you. Like a man taking a wife, I’ll do anything to please you.

41. I’d love to say that, for every weekend of my life, I had a great woman to spend it with. Make my dream come true, my darling.

42. Unlike the sun and the moon, we’d meet at night and live through the weekend together holding hands and making love.

43. Being with you is the antidote to all the pain that exists in the world. Hence, a weekend without you leaves me at the mercy of the enemy.

44. My best times are ahead of me knowing that I’ve got so many years to be with you more than I have been without you, my darling. Have a lovely weekend.

45. Surely, your loving kisses are the reason why weekend after weekend, I’m left hoping for eternity with you. I love you, my sweetness.

46. Blessedly, the weekend is here for me to love you without interference, to hold you for the longest while within the past days. I promise you, I’d do that and more.

47. Nothing else matters when we’re together, cause only your happiness becomes my priority and just you mean the world to me.

48. The most uncommon thing about your beauty is its endurance and persistence because it partly resides in your heart.

49. Your love has shaped me and your kisses have made me. But this weekend with you would fulfil me for a while. So, come be with me, my darling.

50. Howbeit, the weekend might swerve away, but I’ll stamp its memory in your heart with burning love and passion combined.

51. Life will come upon me at this latter part of the week if you’ll stand by me through it all. Take shelter in my abode, this weekend, my sweet love.

52. I want a special weekend getaway with you. Tell me your favourite destination, and I’ll make it happen before your eyes, baby.

53. I look forward to the weekend as much as I do you. Babe, you’re always on my mind. I hope you’ll be all over my face when the time comes.

54. I’ll show you the true meaning of love, this Saturday. I promise to blow you off your feet. Spend this time with me, my love and you’ll live to cherish it till forevermore.

55. Our lives will be a lot better together. I dream of a time when we’ll never be separated again but dwell in love till the very end of time. Happy weekend, my love.

56. The only true love my heart ever recognized is you. Every breath I take is made of your sweet smell slithering in my lungs and filling up my mind. I look forward to this weekend because of you, baby.

57. Whenever I set my eyes on you, my emotions and desires for you simmer, hoping that a touch from you will bring back my sanity. This weekend is for you and me, love.

58. Let’s begin a lifetime journey together. This weekend will see us inseparable and desirous of each other. I love you, babe.

59. This Saturday I’m at your service, my love. Let me be the one to answer whenever you call and the one to make your weekend special.

60. For as long as the sun rises in the East, I promise to always make your weekend very special and romantic.

61. Friday will be envious of Saturday and the latter will become envious of Sunday. I promise to make each day better than hitherto. All for you, my heartbeat.

62. If there’s anything you want of me, say it and it shall become yours when the weekend comes around. I won’t renege on my word, baby.

63. It’s just the beginning of a new week, but I look forward to the weekend with you. You made the last one special. I’m obsessed with the precious memories we made. Let’s make new ones, honey.

64. Wherever you may go, I’ll go with you like the moon in the sky. I earnestly hope for a breezy weekend with you, my love.

65. A man in love is by her queen’s side. When the weekend comes, he makes no companion with his friends. Babe, you have all of me to you.

66. Relieve me of all these stresses that have taken a hold of me. Only you can when the weekend comes around. I miss you, baby.

67. Let’s go under the sun together and have it kiss our skin and shed its light on us from above. Together let’s feel the magic of the sun on two lovers who stand in awe of it.

68. If all I do is stare into your eyes for the weekend, I’m sure my pain will be gone and my joy will be full to the brim, my love. Happy weekend, darling.

69. I want a Friday that is full of laughter with you and a reminiscent Saturday. I need our Sunday to be made of our favourite dishes. It’s going to be me and you against the world, this weekend.

70. My favourite time of the week is here again. Let’s make it naughty and memorable than we ever did, baby.

71. Life will be miserable without the weekend that brings us together for a moment that is akin to a lifetime. I can’t wait to see you.

72. If we explore the world together, this Saturday, I’ll give testimony of it, this Sunday. Give me a reason to cry for joy, my king.

73. There’s no better time to make babies than the weekend. I hope we make the best versions of ourselves this weekend, dear hubby.

74. If you spare me your weekend, I’ll give you my lifetime. Let’s make up for all the time we’ve been apart, sweet love.

75. Forget about your worries and put on your dancing shoes, cause we’ll be lost in the music all day long. Sending all my love to you, baby.

76. For all the discomfort you may have gone through in the week, let me make it up to you, my darling, this weekend.

77. I love you more than anything else during the weekend. Let me express this love to you again, my queen. Happy weekend, love.

78. I wish all days were as tender and peaceful as the weekend, then lovers would have no need to dread the weekdays. I long for you, my baby.

79. I am all yours for the weekend. Make the most of me, cause the weekdays to approach swiftly like the enemy of love.

80. This weekend will be special, cause I’ll make it so. It will be the best time of your life. I promise you, baby.

81. My weekend is bereft of joy without you by my side. Let’s breathe the same air this weekend and caress each other till the Monday sun is here.

82. With you, the weekend seems heavenly, but without you, it becomes a living hell. Make me the happiest man on earth, this Saturday.

83. I want a special weekend like movies. I hope you can be the man that makes my dream come true, baby. Have a lovely weekend, hon.

84. The days I’ll never forget are the ones ahead of us. A special weekend devoid of the loud voice of the world, but full of our love for each other.

85. This weekend is the one I’ve been longing for. I promise to bring the world at your feet and make your enemies bend the knee before you.

86. There’s no better time to express our love for each other and have the whole world to ourselves than this perfect weekend, my love.

87. Bring me some kisses this weekend and I’ll bring you some love. Let’s make each other proud this Saturday and beyond.

88. I pray the sun stands still during the weekend. We need a lifetime to have enough of each other. I can’t wait to be with you, baby.

89. You’re the joy that resides at the weekend and the love that keeps me going during the week. Don’t keep me waiting, baby.

90. I care less about the mileages I’ll cover to see you, this weekend. I just want to set my eyes on the most beautiful creature on earth.

91. Just a kiss from you to me will wash away the pains of the week and create the joy of the weekend in the fibre of my being.

92. There’s no better time to explore the heat of the passion we feel for each other than a cold weekend in winter.

93. I’ll be with you wherever you may go this weekend and I promise to create beautiful memories with you that will never leave your mind for a moment.

94. The only language spoken on weekends is one of love. Let me show you the many beautiful sides of love, this Friday to Sunday, my baby.

95. Coming home during the weekend gives me unspeakable peace, cause I know my true love awaits me at the other end.

96. God bless the day the weekend was created. It’s God’s special gift to us. Let’s make the most of it this Saturday and Sunday. I love you, baby.

97. We may be at loggerheads with each other during the week, but the weekend brings us the warmth of forgiveness. Let’s wine and dine this Saturday over the impregnable bond we share.

98. As short as the weekend may be, it goes a long way to satisfy my thirst and need of you. I look forward to seeing you this weekend, baby.

99. Living miles away from you is the hardest thing to do. I’m grateful there’s always a weekend to bring us back into each other’s arms.

100. I cry a river once the weekend is over, but I know unending joy once it is here again. I can’t wait to see you, my darling.

From what you’ve seen, I’m sure you can imagine your lover’s smile at the instance of reading any of these.

It’d be great to hear from you. So, kindly, drop a comment. Use the share button, and you’d have me grateful.

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