Short Love Letters for Him from the Heart (2024)

There are several love letters in the word. Each one as unique as they could be and each day, new live letters are written.

Let your live letter convey your feelings, deepest emotions for the one you cherish and let him know how much you respect and love being with him. True love should never be taken for granted.

To enable you convey your feelings in a better manner, this article has been written for you. Let your words speak your love.

Love Letters for Boyfriend from the Heart

Short and long love letters and love paragraphs for your boyfriend (or husband) from the Heart. The best of love letters for him from the heart.

1. I love you. There. I said it. I’m totally in love with you, and there’s nothing I can do about it! I’ve tried to say this some other way, or do something different from this right here, I just can’t keep it in any longer. But there is something you can do, you can still save me. ..tell me you love me too! Please tell me you feel the same way about me, I can’t deal with anything else. I love you more than this text can say!

2. From the very first day I saw you, I knew you were trouble. I built up a resistance inside me to prevent this very moment, to make sure your smile doesn’t get me tripping. I tried to ignore your jokes and the trap of your beautiful smile, I tried to shake you off my mind hours after you call. I tried to not fall in love with you. But you broke my resolve, you shattered my resistance, and now I’m helplessly and permanently in love with you!

3. I will go anywhere with you, I will go anywhere for you. I will do anything you want me to. Why? Because with every waking moment, I can’t help but need you. I need you like I need to breathe, I want you like I want water when I’m thirsty. My heart beats for you, every single beat reminding me of your own heartbeat when I’m lying against your chest.

4. When I sleep you’re in my dreams, and when I wake up you are in my mind all through the day. You are in the air I breathe, in the water I drink, in the music I listen to, in every single thing I do, but most importantly, in the centre of my heart. I love you deeply and dearly!

5. The other night I tried to stop thinking about you. It proved too hard, so I took a 5 minute challenge, if I thought about you I would take a sip of wine. I was drunk in half an hour. I’m not sure if it was the wine though, or just plain stubborn, intoxicating feelings. I think I’m drunk in love with you.

6. I love the feel of your name on my tongue, tastes like cinnamon and chocolate candy and a thousand others things that tickle me on the inside and send a swarm of butterflies fluttering about in my stomach.

7. When you are away, everything seems useless and dumb and lifeless… TV shows are pathetic and movies suck. You are all the distraction, all the entertainment, all the happiness I need. You’re all I want, nothing else will do. Please don’t ever leave me.

8. Maybe you don’t know this but, I’m so caught up in you, I need you to even exist. My entire being is basically an extension of you…my thoughts, my passions, my reasons and my purposes, they all revolve around the person of you. I love you more than ideas can carry or words can express.

9. I can’t decide what part of you I love more: Is it the joy I feel when you look at me with those searching eyes, or those strong arms that sweep me off my feet, or that bold chest I rest my head on, or your stout shoulders that support me, or your lips that take me to the shores of paradise when you wrap them around mine…
You are all my wildest fantasies made flesh.

10. Every morning I wake up, I thank God for that day I met you. I thank him for the smile that unnerved me and the voice that made my knees weak. I’m forever grateful for your existence, and for the good spirit that brought you into my life. I can’t imagine my life without you now. You are my world, my love!

11. From the moment you turned to me and said that one enchanting, life-changing word, “hi”, and I knew you were saying it to me, my life has not been the same. I’ve become enraptured in the magic of your world.

12. I love the sound of your voice in the morning, it’s the most beautiful counterpoint to the brash alarm clock, healing me and setting me up for a great day. That’s why I never want to let you go, and I want you back immediately you’re gone.

13. My heart beats for you, my spirit sings for you. My thoughts hum about you, and my entire being is altogether a band whose only music is you! I love you dearly!

14. I wrote a letter to Santa, I want my gift delivered early. As soon as possible in fact. Guess what I wished for?
You! You’re all I want for Christmas, and every day before and after, every year of my life!

15. I want you when I am happy, I want you when I am sad, I need you when I am tired, I need you when I am strong. I need you when I am scared, I want you when I am feeling on top of the world. I want you all the time.

16. You are like an exciting fairytale told to a five-year-old, it gets better and better with time. I hope you age like fine wine, so I can always enjoy a better you.

17. Can I call you “Baby”? Because you drive me crazy! I am that new Lamborghini, come and ride me all day long, my sweet fantasy!

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18. I love the smell of you next to me when I wake up, it brings all the beauty in the world to me and sustains me through the day. I hope I can always wake up next to you so you can infect my day with your awesomeness.

19. Every time I wake up next to you, I remember falling into sleep in your embrace, your arms caressing me into the sweet comfort of your body, and I am reminded that everything will be alright as long as I have you. You are an assurance I dare not lose for all the world.

20. Being in your arms is literally paradise. Every time you have to go, I feel like everything is wrong, and when you return to me, I feel redeemed. You save me!

21. Your body is like a temple, like a Gothic cathedral where I can witness the divine awe and the beauty of creation. Teach me to worship, show me the way to the inner room, to the altar where your heart is, so I can stoop down and express the passion in me for you.

22. At five, I heard of Love. At nine, it grossed me out. At thirteen, I thought it made sense. At sixteen, I had fantasies of the magic of finding true love. Years later, I had given up on my quest. Then I found you. You gave life to my fantasies, you made me believe again. I believe in you. I believe in true love because you are my true love, the one my life up till this point has led up to! I love you truly, honestly, and dearly.

23. I promise to laugh at your jokes, to smile back when you smile at me, to kiss you back when you kiss me, and to always steal your ice cream from the refrigerator. I promise to always love you, I swear I will never hurt you. All I want in return is the chance to steal your heart and your ice cream.

24. Facts of life;
Water is wet.
Fire is hot.
Superman is a bloody idiot.
I can’t live without you.
None of those sentences is even up for debate.

25. I want you like I want to breathe, every single moment of the day. I need you around me all the time, don’t try to push me away baby. I am like a dog to your bone, I will keep coming back to you.

26. It’s a hard world out there baby, how can I survive without you? There are liars and thieves around every corner, con artists, fake friends, jealous onlookers and angry rivals. You’re all the security I have, the one shoulder I can rest on, the one heart I can trust.

27. I can be the flame to your match, the sugar to your soda, the wind to the sail. I can be the guitar to your song baby, play me how you like, rough or gentle, happy major chords or sad minors, I’ll be there through it all. Take me anywhere.

28. I want to walk the cold paved streets in London. I want to see the lofty spires of Paris, to stand in the shadows of the grumpy faces on the Easter islands. I want to see the peaks of Nepal, to feel the bite of the Serbian cold, to prance about in the African sun.
I want to see the world, as long as you are with me. Anywhere you are in Paris or London. Without you, they all mean nothing to me, because you are my world.

29. When you are asleep, can I kiss you? I can’t help but stare at them, desperate to taste them over and over again before I lie next to your heaving chest as you sleep, listening for the music of your heartbeat, hoping its beating for me, so that I can dream of you when I fall asleep and you can kiss me and walk through my dreamland with me.

30. I want to tell you how much I love you but words fail me. My love for you is incomprehensible, insistent, and all-absorbing.

31. I always wonder if people mean the words they say. Sometimes they say things that are hard to believe and promise things they cannot give. I can’t tell what others really think, but I can tell you what I think and I hope you believe me when I say, I would give anything for you, I would trade anything to keep you, even my life. What’s here to keep if I lose you? You are my life! You are everything to me!

32. Nothing makes sense without you anymore, my love. The nights are cold and the music is dull, the bed feels like a chasm, the streets look like a maze with no way out. I am lost, darling. Come show me, baby, the way home, with you forever.

33. Have I ever told you, you’re like the first rain of the years, young and strong and cheerful? You are always with a promise of hope, wiping away the dust from my mind and making me alive again! You sustain me – that’s why I love you so much!

34. If I ever see a genie in a bottle, I’ll wish that you fall madly and uncontrollably in love with me and that you never ever stop loving me. Then I’ll wish you have a hundred million dollars and that you can only spend it all on me!
And for my final wish, I’ll wish you fall in love with me even more, because that’s all I’ll ever want!

35. You’re the reason I can’t go to sleep at night. You’re the reason I can’t focus at work, the reason I get restless in traffic. You’re the reason I am desperate for my phone, you’re the reason I am insecure. I don’t know how you do it, but it’s beginning to get too difficult to get through each day without you knowing how much I love you.

36. I’ve been told life is too short to not take chances, and there’s no reason to waste time pretending, acting tough when you’re burning up inside. I know I’ve tried to push you away for so long, it’s because of how you affect me when you are close. This is really hard for me to say, I think I am falling in love with you.

37. They say you only fall in love once, that’s not true. I fall in love with you over and over again, every time I look at you!

38. You make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, every time you smile at me and tell me you love me. I honestly cannot love you less, it is a scientific impossibility!

39. Nothing in the world compares to the moments when I realize I am not daydreaming, you are mine, for real. I could not be happier to be your girl.

40. Take my hand, walk with me. Stay a while longer, stand by me. Hold me close and never let me go, because being in your arms is what perfection is.

41. I was walking the streets, dark clouds hanging over my head. I was battered and broken, laughing outside and crying lonely tears in the silence of my room. My world was empty and lonely, I was lost in my own house. Then you came along and brought me back to life. You healed me with your caress, your kisses gave me strength. And now, all I can do is offer my love the best that I can and I promise to never stop!

42. Some days, I just realize how happy you make me, and how miserable I would be without you. If you ever try to leave me, I would follow you everywhere till you stop trying.

43. You are all the happiness I have ever needed from life. Every day, I thank God I found you. I love you dearly.

44. I love you more every day. Every hour with you is happier than the last, and every minute feels like a moment of a lifetime.

45. I love you with every breath I take. I see you in every good thing I see, I think about you in everything I do. If I could I would take you everywhere I go. You are the love of my life.

46. Words are not sufficient to describe how incredible you are, you are the best thing in the whole world to me! I love you desperately.

47. Good morning, my Prince charming! There’s an emergency, I need you to come save me with your kisses before I pass out from longing for you!

48. People ask if love is worth fighting for. I remember your face and I am ready for war!

49. When I close my eyes, I see you. When I open them, you are there. When I’m asleep I dream of you. There’s no escaping you; you are my world.

50. I have had a rough day, but just thinking about you cheers me up like nothing else can. I love you.

51. There are only two times I want to be with you – now and forever!

52. My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade, my love for you will never end. I love you!

53. Trying to explain how and why I love you is like describing the taste of water, it’s just there, a material and mental fact!

54. Do you want to know what in the world makes me happy the most? Seeing you smile! And when I know I am the reason you’re smiling, I just feel perfect. I hope I can keep you smiling forever.

55. I love my life because it gave me you, I love you because you are my life!

56. They say pain is love, and love is pain. I want you to know that I am ready to go through any pain just to be with you.

57. There’s only so much good in this world, and for me, it’s all synthesized in you. You are my peace in times of trouble, my comfort when I am hurt, my relief when I am burdened, and my happiness when I am sad. You are my reprieve when I make mistakes, and I would risk it all to keep you.

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58. I would walk a thousand miles, swim through the deepest oceans, climb to the highest peaks and descend to the lowest depths just to be with you and spend my life with you.

59. Happiness is all I’ve ever wanted, happiness is what I have found in you. You’re the best thing in my world, sweetheart!

60. I wish dreams were like wishes and wishes came true because, in my dreams, I am always with you.

61. I love you like I have never loved anyone before. I love you more than I can ever love again. I love you with all of my body, spirit and soul, with all that I am. I love you unconditionally and for all times!

62. I pray you enjoy a beautiful, stress free day. I pray your labour brings success and that you reap more than you sow. But above all, I pray you love me more and more every day!

63. You, my cute sweetie pie, are the sweetest, cutest, jolliest, coolest, hottest, kinkiest, funniest, loveliest thing in the whole world and I am NEVER letting you go.

64. Now that I have you, my love, better get strapped in real tight because this is going to be one long ride. We are in this together, forever.

65. In a moment, the night will be gone and the sun will rise again, but I can’t wait to hear your voice and see your face. I love you more than you can imagine.

66. Every day, I spend without you feels like worst of dark nights and every night I spend with you feels like the most beautiful day. Thank you for being so awesome!

67. I would rather die for you than live without you. You are all that makes life worth living for me, without you I would be better of dead.

68. People can pick whichever dates they like; with you, every day is Valentines Day! I can’t pick a day to love you more than other days, boo!

69. I never knew how hard goodbyes could be until I had to say it last night. It really broke my heart to see you go.

70. Though distance may separate us, my love for you will cross any oceans and stretch past the ends of the earth. There is nowhere else I would rather be than with you.

71. Wherever I go, I carry you in my heart. Wherever you are, we can never be apart, our hearts are one, intertwined from now till the end of time.

72. I promise to always treat you like a king, always doing your bidding and honouring you. You reign over my heart!

73. I am not rich, I don’t have a lot to give. All I have to offer is a heart full of love for you, just take me as I am.

74. I want to be the reason you smile. I want to be the reason you want to get off work early. I want to be your passion, your prize, your purpose. I want to be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last at night. I want to be what makes you dream and what you dream of. Those are not too much to ask, right?

75. You are my weakness when I see you my knees turn to jelly and my head feels light. There’s fluttering in my stomach and a buzz in my head. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t want it to stop. What have you done to me?

76. If you feel alone today, look at the space between your fingers, and think of how my fingers fit perfectly into them. We were truly meant to be together.

77. Your love has conquered me. I surrender totally to you, imprison me in your arms, I want nothing less than a life sentenced behind the bars of your embrace.

78. You are one clever thief, aren’t you? How you stole my heart so effortless is a skill I need to learn, so I can steal yours too.

79. I hope you believe me when I say, you are all I have ever wanted and all I will ever need. You are my morning sun and my evening star. You are all the strength and beauty in my world, and you are all I owe my devotion to. I love you.

79. All I have I give to you, all I own is yours. My life revolves around you. All my deepest desires are for you.

80. I looked around, I searched for years, for someone to trust my heart with, for someone to trust with my deepest secrets. I looked for someone who truly understands me and wouldn’t judge me, I found none. But just when I gave up, you came out of nowhere! Where have you been all my life?

81. You are the one I have always dreamed of. You are the chosen one, the one I lay my love on.

82. Even if the world stops turning if the sun stops shining if people stop believing, if time stops to move, I will always love you. At all cost, and in all seasons.

83. There’s a time for everything, a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to live and a time to die. But with you, through all seasons, the only time is the time to love, and I will love you forever.

84. If only you knew how much I love you, you would understand how much it hurts every time you say you have to go, and how I feel every time you lift your lips from mine, and the indescribable tearing away I feel when you escape from my embrace. I love you so much, it’s torturous to even think of losing you.

85. Take my hand and take me where your heart is. I want to know what it feels like to love you.

86. I have seen many romantic movies, I have read several passionately written love books and heartfelt poems. But nothing comes close to what I feel for you, nothing does justice in portraying it.

87. The biggest proof of God’s existence is how perfectly you were created just to fit into my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to love you.

88. I am not as wise as King Solomon, but I am richer than he was. How? I have you, you are more valuable than gold or silver to me!

89. You are rarer than all the treasures in the world. You are more valuable than money, gold or silver. You are sweeter than honey. Your heart is stronger than diamonds. You are perfect in every way, my love.

90. I think I need to check into a rehab, I am addicted to the sound of your voice and the feel of your body. I just can’t get enough of you. Where do you recommend? I hope it’s your heart.

91. I will never betray you. I will never let you down. I promise to be yours and yours alone, I will never do anything to risk losing you. Just take my hand and promise me you will do the same.

92. I am always at my best when I am with you. Your mere presence in my life gives me strength to keep going. Love, you always bring out the very best in me.

93. Every morning when I look into the mirror, I realize just how lucky I am and wonder how I deserved someone like you in my life. That thought alone makes me feels successful and accomplished. Thank you for loving me!

94. This morning, I want you to know that you are a star, a brilliant light shining in my life. You are my sun, you light up my world. You are a champion, you have won my heart, forever!

95. They say love is blind, I don’t believe that for a second, because when I fell in love with you I fell with my eyes open wide, and I just couldn’t do anything about it!

96. My life was going on normally, then I met you and it stopped in its tracks, then you said you love me and now my life is amazingly awesome! Thank you for coming my way, love of my life!

97. Your kisses give me wings, they make me feel like I can fly. When we make love, you take me higher than the highest peaks in the world. Am I daydreaming or superman is actually in my life?

98. Recently, a thought came up in my mind, what would my life be like without you in it? But nothing came up, not even anything from the past. Safe to say I really can’t live without you!

99. I want to touch you, I want to wrap my arms around you and love you all over. I want to feel your warmth engulf me from the inside out. I want to remind myself you’re truly mine. Come home soon.

100. You are the love of my life, the one I truly belong to, and you belong to me. That is all I know, and all I will ever need to know.

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