2023 Thank God for My Life Quotes

Being alive is a great reason to appreciate God. There are many reasons to be grateful.

We should be grateful for the chance to keep living, the quality of our lives, the people in our lives, our nation, the environment and the world at large.

Here, are 100+ Thank God for My Life Quotes for you to thank God for your life and everything around you.
Never let anything steal your gratitude.

Best Thank God Quotes for Your Life

The best collection of thank God quotes and status for your life.

1. Every day is another chance to be grateful for life. I thank God every day for making me be among the living.

2. I thank God every day for fighting my battles for me and giving me the assurance that all is well even in tough times.

3. I thank God for my life and the people in it. They have all been blessings to me.

4. I thank God for life and for the chance to use this life judiciously and live it fully.

5. For being alive is a precious gift that I am grateful for every time and anytime. I thank God for life.

6. Wealth can buy life and that what’s making it so precious. Life can’t be bought yet we have it. It’s more than enough to thank God for.

7. I thank God for my life and for the countless reasons to be thankful that he given me.

8. Though each nation has challenges, I thank God that there is no war.

9. I am thankful to God for the peace in my nation and more importantly, for my personal peace.

10. Challenges come and some try to way me down but I thank God for His Strength that keeps me going even in the darkest hours.

11. I am thankful to God every day for His immense love for me and for his concern about my wellbeing.

12. I am thankful to God for peace in my home; this helps me stay focused and gives me peace of mind.

13. Nothing can steal my peace because I know who is in charge and that’s God. God is in charge of my life and that’s all I need.

14. I believe in myself and as long as I am convicted in my spirit about it, I don’t let the opinions of others affect my decision. As long as God gives me the go ahead, I simply believe in Him and the abilities He has given me and do my best.

15. I take nothing for granted because what I have, some don’t have and I have all I need and that’s enough for me. I am thankful for that.

16. As long as I am alive, I have hope for a better tomorrow but I am appreciative of where I am now and all I have. I simply thank God for my life.

17. I am thankful to God for my life. Its been an amazing journey so far with its ups and downs.

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18. Wealth is great but more than wealth, I am grateful for sound health and for a wonderful family.

19. I am grateful for a new day because it gives me new opportunities. I thank God for each breath I take.

20. God words are not enough to tell appreciate your awesomeness and your undying love for me. I am grateful for all.

21. I can’t give up because God never gave up on me. I am grateful for every disappointment because they make me know I am alive and help keep me grateful.

22. Life loses its appeal when we lose sight of things to be grateful for and who to be grateful to.

23. I can endure the bad and the hard because I have the good to be grateful for.

24. I am grateful for life but I am more grateful for the redemption I received from God.

25. I know what true love means because God loved me enough to sacrifice his son just for me. For this immense love, I am grateful.

26. The salvation of my soul from eternal death is the greatest gift I have got and the only one I treasure more than any other. It is as a result if God’s love and I am eternally grateful.

27. I can never lose my wonder because God always leaves me speechless with his immense love for me.

28. I am thankful for God’s endless and priceless love for me.

29. No love is greater than the love of God, for this, I am eternally thankful.

30. I am grateful for the inspiration to write wonderful lyrics, it is because of the wonderful display of God’s awesomeness in nature.

31. I am thankful for the beauty in the world and for all God has created including me.

32. I thank God for a heart that can be hurt because then it would be able to appreciate love.

33. I am grateful for all the seasons because they are proof that nothing is permanent, so each moment should be savoured.

34. The works of your hands show how great you are and I am grateful that you are my God.

35. The trees whisper about your wondrous nature and the birds chirp your praises, all you created thank you for being God.

36. Thank God for your flaws because they prove his awesomeness and remind you to be appreciative and humble.

37. I thank God for my parents and for the training I have had to go through, they contributed to whom I am today.

38. I thank God for giving me parents that made Him a priority in their lives and instill a love for Him in me.

39. I thank God, that despite the hurts, His love saw me through and made me the strong person I am today.

40. Gratitude leaves no room for envy and jealousy because you are consumed with praise to God.

41. Every chance you have to say thank you, God, seize it with a grateful heart.

42. Thanking God should be the highlight of your day, no matter how stressful or pleasant.

43. I thank God for my fears because they made me search for Him and with Him, my life has been wonderful.

44. I thank God for being my friend and for knowing all my flaws, loving me and seeing the best in me when I couldn’t see it.

45. I thank God for loving me and helping me to love like Him.

46. I thank God for a heart that loves endlessly and unconditionally, irrespective of race, religion or culture.

47. I thank God for showing me the way when I was blinded by selfishness.

48. Thank you, God, for helping me forgive myself when I make mistakes and for being able to forgive others than hurt me.

49. Thank you, God, for filling my heart with love and peace. I am grateful for my family and how wonderful they are.

50. Thank you, God, for taking sickness and infirmities far away from me and for granting me sound health.

51. I am grateful that my future in the hands of the One who owns the universe, understands it and knows my entire life more than me.

52. I thank God because I have experience want, it makes me more appreciative of the abundance that comes my way and gives me the wisdom to use it judiciously.

53. I am thankful for the ability to eat and retain all I eat and I don’t need pipes to pass out waste.

54. I am thankful God for your kindness and for being my friend and partner and making my life better.

55. Thank God, for the world and its troubles, they make me appreciate Him the more for being there and for everything He’s done.

56. God, thank you for my daddy. I am grateful for replacing his body parts with the spare parts you have.

57. God, thanks for removing barrenness from every area of my life and making me fruitfulness in all I do.

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58. God, thanks for being given our rock in hard times and our helper when no one else can seem to get to us.

59. God, thanks for your immeasurable love that make living worth it. You are my only hope and my defender.

60. I thank you God for all your promises to me and because your words never fail.

61. God, thanks for healing my broken heart and making me stronger than I used to be.

62. I am thankful for my five senses and for each part of me that you make function. I am grateful for everything you do for me.

63. God, I say thanks for all you have done, are doing and for all, you would still do.

64. God, you are the only constant in my life. Thanks for making me be alive and for being my support.

65. I thank God for my failures because they made me seek Him more and I have never had a better yesterday because of Him.

66. With gratitude to God come hope and assurance of better things to come.

67. I thank God each chance for the chance to breathe and live, it’s only because of him.

68. I thank God for wisdom to be the best at all I do and for his directions when I am at crossroads.

69. With gratitude, comes assurance of a better tomorrow no matter how today may seem.

70. God, thank you for the weather and for the beauty of nature.

71. God thanks for the rain and for the growth of crops and ornamental. Everything, you have made is beautiful.

72. God thanks for the legs to walk and for not being confined to a place.

73. God, thanks for my hands and because they function well.

74. I am grateful for the appropriate functions of each cell, tissue, organ and system in my body. God, it’s all your handiwork.

75. God thanks for the food to eat, clothes to wear and for the people to love, even the unlovable.

76. I am grateful for the fishes in the sea and the birds of the air, they add to the beauty called nature. God thanks for creating nature and for the eyes to appreciate such beauty.

77. I am grateful for eyes to see and appreciate all God’s grace and faithfulness towards me.

78. Where gratitude is, worries and anxieties are absent.

79. A life of gratitude to God is a life that lacks fear and worries.

80. God, thanks for the birds in the sky and for their place in the ecosystem.

81. I am grateful for my environment and all its habit, habitats and its inhabitants.

82. I am grateful for health even in hard times. God, thanks for your strength in me.

83. My life is full because I am full of gratitude to God.

84. God thanks for the free will I have and for giving the chance to make decisions and choices.

85. God, thanks for my children and the amazing adults they are turning out to be.

86. God, I thank you for the wonderful woman you brought into my life. Every second with her has been a blessing.

87. I may not have all I want at the moment, I have all I need and for that alone, I am grateful to God.

88. My debt of gratitude can never be paid, but I keep being grateful to God.

89. No one who knows how to be grateful can live a poor life.

90. I have a great life because I have God and I am grateful.

91. Nothing in life is more wonderful than being grateful it has immense benefit and it cost free.

92. Gratitude is easy and cost-free yet very liberating and enriches to whoever does it.

93. I don’t have to worry or be anxious because God takes care of me more than anyone, of his other creatures. I am simply thankful to be alive.

94. I know my tomorrow is alright because even in my lonely and darkest times, God is always with me. It is more than enough to be grateful.

95. I thank God for the angels He sends each day and for the wonderful people, He has brought into my life.

96. Gratitude for the little makes more blessings available. I am thankful for living.

97. Living a good life requires a life of gratitude for everything even the Insignificant. God, I am grateful for all you have done.

98. God, thanks for protecting me from birth till this point and because you would continue to the day I die.

99. God, I thank you for my life, for your blessings, protection and provision.

100. I am grateful for the lessons and blessings in the past because they are my teachers in the present. I am thankful to God for being alive.

101. Despite the loss I have endured in life, I am glad that I didn’t lose God.

102. My loss has made me more thankful for every chance and time I get. That’s why time is valuable to me. I thank God for everything.

103. I am grateful for a peaceful nation despite its struggles.

104. God, thanks for the success of my business and for the life and wisdom to expand it.

105. Peace of mind is a great balm to the soul; I thank God for that daily.

106. Daily I count my blessings and praise God for life.

107. I am appreciative of the little I have because I have sound health and peace. I thank God for all I have.

108. I am appreciative for the immense blessing accorded to me daily by God especially being alive.

109. Daily, I don’t pass up an opportunity to be grateful to God for life and his love.

110. I am grateful b for my life and because I am important to God.

111. My life is a testimony and all I am is a miracle from God. God, thanks for all you keep doing.

112. I praise every time because even the air I breathe is a reason to praise God.

113. I am strengthened daily because I am grateful for all I have no matter how little.

114. Contentment is a great gain. I am thankful to God for all He does for me.

115. Life is like a ship, I know I am safe no matter the storms because my sailor and anchor is God. For that, I am always thankful.

116. God, thank you for fill my heart with joy and for always being my joy.

117. God, thank you for my life. I am blessed beyond measure because of you.

118. I can never run out of gratitude because God looks after me and that’s the only reason I need to be grateful.

119. Air is expensive, so for the free air I get to breathe every second and every time, I am grateful to God.

120. God, thank you for letting me see another day. All I am is because of you and your love.

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