2024 Thought for The Day for School Assembly

Being on assembly duty is one of the surest ways of impacting the lives of our young and impressionable charges. Your words can build up lives. Here are 100 thoughts provoking words you can use to make a difference.

The power of life and death belongs to the tongue. Words can build or destroy, depends on the way it is deployed. Thought provoking words can change the course of our wards ‘ lives for the best.

Long after they leave your charge, the inspiring words you speak into their tender hearts will keep ringing a bell of warning or act as a guide to accomplishment. Your words will live on in their hearts long after you have parted.

As teachers, the general assembly provides a larger platform for reaching more students than your individual classes provides. Being a teacher has it is on reward, perhaps the best reward is knowing that one made a crucial difference in these young ones’ lives.

What you say could be why they are successful tomorrow. What you impart could be the timely words that could stop suicide, resist bullying or a much-needed transformation.

Assembly duty shouldn’t be another boring chore. It’s the best way to reach out to so many with a vital word for a hungry soul. You may be a lifesaver yet. Eternity and its rewards will tell.

Want to be a teacher that makes a difference? These quotes will help you. Just take a peek.

Thought for The Day in English for School Assembly

These thoughts for the day for School Assembly are all written in English language for you to enjoy and use for your students.

1. The enemy of yourself is yourself. You are the only one that can stop yourself from reaching your goals or achieving success.

2. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. If you aren’t gainfully engaged, then you have lots of free time to be lured into all kinds of trouble.

3. There’s nothing free in this world. Everything free you are enjoying was paid for by someone.
Be wary of handouts, it may be a plot to lure you into a corner you can’t wriggle out of.

4. The sky is not your limit. Beyond the sky, is the vastness and beauty of heaven.
Nothing can stop you. Aim for better than the best. Set a new record, be a pacesetter…the opportunities are boundless.

5. Appearance is very deceptive, no matter how obvious you think the fact is.
Take nothing at face value. Leave room for doubts. Better to be cautious than to be sorry.

6. The seed of greatness is in you. Spread your wings and soar like an eagle.

7. If you think you can, then you can.
Believe in your own worth. Don’t allow yourself to be put down. You can do whatever you set your heart to do.

8. Be broad in your expectations, but be single-minded in the pursuit of your dreams.
Dream big, but be focused and diligent.

9. Dream big, but start small. Increase your pace at a steady tempo, the higher you climb, the wider the steps to greatness.

10. If you don’t know where you are going, you wouldn’t know if you had arrived at your destination.
Discover yourself, set realistic goals with time frame, then you’d know and celebrate each accomplishment.

11. Don’t toe the line. Don’t follow the multitude. Set yourself apart, and dare to be different.
If you want to shine in life, dare to be different.

12. Take the ashes of your past to paint a beautiful future for yourself.
Let your past mistakes give you the determination to build a much better tomorrow for yourself.

13. Your today is always better than your past.
Your past is gone, you can’t rewrite its history. Your today is here, you have the power to write your own story exactly the way you want it to be.

14. You are what you think you are.
Your thought process shapes your person. What you become in life is a product of your perception of yourself.

15. Yesterday is history, bury it. Today is here, embrace it with gusto. Tomorrow is an illusion, make a dive for it.
You can’t alter your past, so stop living in past glory or raking its ugliness. Today is a gift, this is why it’s called “the present”. Use it well and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow may or may not come. Plan for it nevertheless.

16. A man is the product of his past. He’s a sum total of his childhood or growing up processes.
What you will be tomorrow is a determinant of how you lived today.

17. As you lay your bed, so shall you lie on it.
Whatever you do now, catches up with you later.

18. Nothing is impossible for those who take the trouble to rearrange the word. “I’m possible”. Make it work. Make it happen. The power is in you.

19. The world steps aside for he who knows where he’s going.
Anyone with focus and unswerving determination parts the sea of human uncertainty to get to his destination.

20. Hard work is man’s best friend. It’s a blessing in disguise if combined with concentration and right direction. Speed is not a measure of success. Do it right and well.

21. If you can’t direct the winds, then adjust the sail.
If you find yourself in an impossible situation that’s beyond your control, you can control your action or reaction. In essence, adjust your plan to take you to your desired destination.

22. Hard work is the bitter pill you have to swallow to produce a beautiful tomorrow.
Don’t shy away from working hard. It brings a just and lasting reward.

23. The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.
Be your own number one fan.

24. Life is a journey, travel the path in phases, but make hay while the sun shines.

25. The high road to success is mostly lonely and tough. Be tougher. When you succeed, success itself attracts the crowd.

26. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the ability to act or forge ahead even when you are scared.
Dare to conquer your fears by doing the very things you are afraid of.

27. Hard work is the ruse in which success is secretly packaged. Embrace it, it’ll unfold.

28. Quitting isn’t an option, keep trying. Your best is yet to come.

29. Success is an enemy of progress if you quit trying once you had a taste of success.

30. The past is an experience, today is an experiment, and tomorrow is an expectation. So, use your experience in your today to produce a better expectation for the future.

31. “Tough times never last, tough people do!” Robert Schuller.
You are tougher than your problems, so don’t run, resign to the fickle finger of fate or hide. Face them, don’t quit!

32. Hard work, diligence and persistence – vital keys to success.
Work hard, avoid distractions from peer pressure, social media and all manners of youthful exuberance behaviour.

33. If you fail to plan, you’ve already planned to fail.
Plans are crucial to success. Make plans suitable to achieving your goals. Plans can be adjusted to accommodate needed changes. Failure to plan equals to ticket to failure.

34. Nothing comes easy in life, except failure! It’s easy to fail, just do nothing.

35. Education is your window to the universe. You can catch a glimpse or take a grasp or just grab it. The difference lies in your ability to comprehend it.

36. When you were born, you weren’t an imitation. You were an original. Don’t live as a second best, don’t die a copycat. Be yourself. You are unique and rare breed until you want to be like others. Then, you’ll lose your originality. Be yourself.

37. There’s no gain without pains. So endure the pains to enjoy the gains.

38. Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders.
Reading broadens knowledge. Knowledge gives understanding. Understanding breeds wisdom and inspiration. Inspiration and its brethren give birth to breakthrough.

39. Educating the mind without educating the heart is complete illiteracy. Let your heart be filled with virtues like honour, hard work, integrity.

40. Life is a cruise if you learn how to ride its waves and enjoy its calm.

41. There’s dignity in labour. If you follow its path with diligence, success will come calling. Use your talent or lose the opportunity it affords.

42. There’s no honour in cheating. If you cheat your way through life, you only succeed in cheating yourself out of the real joy of living.

43. Integrity and honour, if despised and neglected, results in great dishonour, further down the road.

44. The hand of diligence achieves greatness when duly combined with endurance and perseverance.
Be diligent in your study. Endure every hardship and persevere in the midst of adversity. You’ll surely be great.

45. Every problem has a solution. Every adversity has a seed of advancement. Every bitter pill has an expiry date. Hold on, don’t allow yourself to be swallowed up by your troubles. They’ll surely pass.

46. You know a great many the way he treats people who are under his chain of command or the little people under him.
Bullying, egoistic attitude, arrogance are signs of inadequacy, not superiority. You are truly great when you treat your juniors with courtesy, accord and regard.

47. You are really smart when you have mastered the art of silence and discretion.
Silence is golden. You learn more when you listen than when you pour out the little you know.

48. Your beginning is your starting point. It doesn’t define you or determines how you end the race. Finishing well is much more desirable than a great start fraught with doubtful present leading to a dead end.

49. Success is self-defined. It is a measure of realistic goals set for yourself or overreaching goals based on your dreams. Other’s achievements isn’t a standard of measure.

50. If you measure yourself by other people’s standards, you will always fall short. Stick to your plans and goals.

51. Life is beautiful if you believe it truly is.
What you make of your life is a product of your faith and expectations.

52. Life is not a bed of roses. Even roses are nestled in thorns until they are clipped.
Life isn’t always pleasant. The good things in life come with difficulties (thorns).

53. Imagination is the mother of creation. What your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

54. Excuses and procrastination are the perfect recipes for grand failure.
Stop giving yourself reasons for failure to assuage your feelings of inadequacy. Whatever you have to do, do it now… or it’ll be never

55. Mistakes are not destructive until you failed to learn from them.

56. Failure isn’t a final verdict, it is a singular or series of events. It doesn’t define you until you end it there.

57. Success is a never-ending process. Once you achieve a goal, savour the thrill of triumph, then move on to the next one.

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58. Success is failure in disguise if after achieving a goal, you feel not the thrill. Don’t be driven to succeed. Enjoy every sense of accomplishments.

59. Education is the tool you can use to change your world. To rule your world, acquire quality education. Quality isn’t necessarily expensive.

60. Rome wasn’t built in a day. To get to someplace, start from somewhere. Where you are is a good start.

61. If you can’t beat them, don’t join them. Form your own niche and chart your own noble path. Someday, your name will be written in the Hall of Fame. We are only remembered for what we have done.

62. The race is not for the fastest or most clever. He wins the race gets the prize. He is the winner.
No matter your personal failings, put in your best as you run at your own pace. You might just be the winner if you faint not.

63. Do not be cocky in your brilliance or acclaimed intelligence. The dimwitted have been known to win the prize because of their diligence and determination.

64. Your talent may open a door, but your character it is, that determines how long you last.

65. Charm is deceptive, beauty is vain. Intelligence has no guarantee as brilliance is insufficient. Your character is your content that is the king of the pack.

66. ”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to rule the world”. Nelson Mandela.
Not everyone is born with a silver spoon. Education gives the most disadvantaged leverage to change his\ her lot in life.

67. Real education is the knowledge retained and utilised.

68. The moment you stop learning is the point of gradual decline. Depreciation quickly sets in. So, keep learning, in and out of the four walls of a school.

69. Readers are leaders. By all means, read, but learn as well. Knowledge profits nothing if it remains unapplied or irrelevant.

70. Reading is the less privileged ticket to travel all over the world, meeting and rubbing minds with men of great renown.

71. There’s no accomplishment without an attempt. To be an achiever, you have to be a doer of those things you intend to achieve.

72. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
Wishful thinking is fantasy feeders, procrastination and inactive enhancers. Give your dreams wings to fly by diligently acting on your action plans.

73. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
You are God’s best craftsmanship, admit it.

74. We are creatures of habit. Our habits define us.
What are your habits? Do they align with your dream? Whatever you want to become in life, act like it. Be it. Let it be your lifestyle habit.

75. Be an agent of change, the world I’d waiting to celebrate you.
Do not accept the status quo or norms if it’s less than ideal. Identify desirable change and champion the cause.

76. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are and what is going to be.
Having friends is cool, but choose wisely. Friends with their ideas, habits and lifestyles, help to shape, mould and define us.

77. Dream big! No power can stop you, except you. In your dreams, aim for the sky, but start from the base. Don’t be afraid of starting from the scratch. It’s a sure way of steady growth on solid foundation.

78. Life is in phases, broken down into processes. Don’t jump a process as a shortcut, the valuable lessons you might learn might just be what you needed to survive the next phase.

79. When a door is shut against you, do not linger or brood. Dust yourself up, and open another one. Keep on knocking on different doors, until your breakthrough door is opened.

80. Success and achievement without noble character are failures redefined.
No matter how good or accomplished you become, if you have terrible habits or bad character, you are inevitably self- destructing.

81. When a desirable door of opportunity closes against you, for not be blinded by tears, grief or disappointment. Otherwise, you’ll miss a greater door that’s staring at you, waiting to be discovered.

82. The choice is yours: success or failure. You are solely responsible for the consequences of your choice. Today is a product of your past. Tomorrow is today’s product. Make right choices today for a desired tomorrow.

83. Take the least travelled road. The highway to success is never crowded. Bumpy, narrow, sweaty, lonely the journey may be, it’ll end in joy and exhilaration.

84. Thinkers are winners. In the solitude of thinking and brainstorming, comes solutions, ideas, inventions, extraordinary breakthroughs.

85. If you fail to learn, you will succeed in failing.
Don’t just read, learn and ponder on your discovery. The world will pay for the solution your discovery/services proffers. If you fail to learn, you have nothing to offer, and the world offers you… Nothing.

86. An entitlement mentality stifles potentials and kills abilities to develop or explore possibilities.
Wake up! Nobody owes you a thing!
You owe yourself the future you envisaged.

87. Some are born great. Some accomplish greatness while greatness is thrust on others. There are many roads to greatness, choose a noble and lasting one.

88. Mediocrity is a disease. It makes you be satisfied with little or nothing while greatness is frantically beckoning to you.

89. Be hungry for success and thirsty for greatness. Adversity feeds your hunger while challenges nurture your thirst. Giving up isn’t an option.

90. When you have done all you could possibly do, and your best failed resoundingly, have faith. Don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes, success is defined as the ability to follow through on a plan. That in itself is an accomplishment.

91. Talent without discipline is courting disaster. A door opened by talent can only be maintained by discipline. Without discipline, all doors crash, eventually.

92. Do what you have to do when it ought to be done, precisely the way it should be done. Go the extra mile. You don’t have to feel like doing it, just do it! The true mark of excellence!!

93. Discover yourself. You are different from others, that’s why you are uniquely you! There are things you are extremely good at, that even those you worship or envy can’t match. No one is better than you unless you believe so.

94. Talk is cheap. Daydreaming and woolgathering accomplish nothing. Remove your head from the cloud, let the actions begin.

95. “Education costs money, so does ignorance.” Claus Moser.
Be properly educated. It’ll cost you money, time and effort. Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s more expensive and destructive.

96. True education is acquired through discipline.

97. The greatest natural resources available to man is the human mind. Cultivate it and harvest its dividends.

98. You are a great learner if you refuse to accept a theory until you have tested it and proved it to be a fact.

99. “Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, keep moving.”
Albert Einstein.
While you are riding through life, pause if you must, pick a lesson or two, but keep moving in the right direction. Don’t stop.

100. Love yourself. It’s the best gift you can give to yourself. Don’t allow others’ opinion about you be your mirror. You are special. Believe it!

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