Best Morning Prayers Before Work

Best Morning Prayers Before Work in 2024

Prayer is not a boring routine one does ritually just to fulfil all righteousness. It is a powerful communication tool between God and man. You speak to God about your concerns, challenges, troubles, make supplications or simply make your requests known to God; and He responds by giving you His peace, revealing His will concerning the matter presented, granting your requests, or giving you a much better alternative, and generally doing what is only possible with Him.

Prayer is the master key. It opens hitherto inaccessible or impossible doors. It brings hope to hopeless situations. Prayer works miracles, signs and wonders. It gives us unlimited access to the throne of grace where destinies are rescued, saved, delivered and established.

Prayer is a direct communication from an earnest heart to the ears of the almighty, the all-capable and the all-powerful God. The bible says “unto the Lord that answers prayer shall all flesh come” (Psalm 65:2). It means there’s no protocol, you can talk to God yourself and He will hear you. God is not partial, He has no favourite, He will hear you when you call upon Him in earnestly.

To see the desired change in your career and business, all you have to do is to ask, keep on asking (Matthew 7:7) until God answers. Prayer brings the supernatural hand of God into a situation that’s beyond the power of man.

Prayer gives you direct access to God. You don’t need an intermediary. It is you that knows where the shoe pinches you; definitely, you need to talk to God yourself. One of the best time to pray is early in the morning before the start of the new day. This is because everyday activities are prone to relegating prayer into the background or forgotten zone.

If you are troubled, send an SOS to God’s emergency line. It’s toll-free. It is never clogged. Just leave the line open from your end.

Are you having challenges at work? Is your business haemorrhaging? Are you dissatisfied with your work? Are you battling with stagnancy and mediocrity with a huge hunger for something much better? Are you stuck and you desire a change? Is your working environment toxic and choking you? Is your promotion delayed? Are you ready to climb the corporate ladder for your next level? God is able to help you.

Has your career/business plan for 2024 gone awry because of this Corona Virus pandemic? Are you at your wits end with no one to help? Do you nurse a career/business dream bigger your current situation? Have no fear, God is able and willing to help.

Are you ready to change your narrative by relinquishing control to God? You have come to the perfect place. Make a careful and suitable choice of any of these best morning prayer before work in 2024:

Prayers to Say Before Starting Daily Morning Work

Enjoy a great day at work by starting the day with these morning prayers before work. They are powerful prayers you should say before starting your daily morning work.

Morning Prayers for Help Before Work

The following are the most powerful prayers you can pray in the morning before starting your daily routine for help. Try it by praying them as it is written and be glad you did.

1. Oh, God, you are our help in times of need, I seek your face this morning as I set out to work. Thank you for your unfailing help in times past. Thank you for being my ever-present help in trouble. Thank you for never putting me to shame. Help me, Lord. Trouble awaits me at work with my boss, please go ahead of me to soften his heart towards me. Let him show me mercy over my errors instead of the judgement of possible query or suspension. I pray for the grace of a second chance to prove my worth. This affliction shall never rise a second time by your grace. Help me to set right all the wrongs accrued to me at work. I pray you will come through for me in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

2. Dear God, you are my rock, my strength and my help in times of need. Arise, oh Lord, let your help come through for me today. Your name is a strong tower, as I run to you, save me from shame and disgrace. Frustrate every conspiracy, scheme and plans of the wicked against me at work. I pray their hands will not achieve their enterprise. Reveal the truth about the matter on ground and expose the wicked ones. Help me to clear my name by proving my innocence. That which is meant to destroy, demote or send me out of the system, turn it around for my promotion to the glory of your name. This I pray in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord, you are my God, I will exalt you, I will praise your holy name. Your counsels from of old, they are faithful and are true. Thank you for always being my ever-present help in trouble and in good times. Dear God, I need your help at work today. The workload, with its deliverable target given to me, is beyond my ability. I ask for wisdom to know the right thing to do like men of Issachar, and the grace to do it the right way and at the right time, for effectiveness. Send the right kind of help to me and speed to achieve my target right on time. Thanking you in advance for a fulfilling dart ahead. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

4. Dear God, I bless your name for providing this job for me. I appreciate you for using the proceeds to take care of my family and loved ones. I ask for your help in the discharge of my duties today. Bless me with your excellent spirit to be an outstanding worker. Such that, my promotion will be rapid and I’ll attain the position and level of my desire. Let your light be with me every step of the way. Empower me to foresee and actualize every beautiful plan that you have for me at work. Let your mercy go forth and speak for me in the sight of my boss and those in charge of my career elevation. You that neither sleep nor slumber, channel my steps into victory so that I shall grow rapidly beyond my present level in record time. Crush all hindrances on my way to success and take all the glory in Jesus’ mighty name.

5. Dear Father, thank you for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. Thank you once more for giving me my dream job with great colleagues and bosses in an excellent conducive working environment. Thank you for my monthly pay, welfare package and other emoluments. I do not take your blessings for granted. Help me to be relevant at work. Help me to be productive and outstanding in all my deliverables. Help me to rise through the ranks only by your grace. Oh Lord, I ask that you help me to be a great team player and amazing when on unsupervised tasks. God, in all your wisdom and power, be with me and see me through every situation that may come my way in Jesus name. Be my source of understanding and wisdom and be my strength in all that I do in Jesus’ awesome name.

6. Dear Lord, thank you for this beautiful job. You know how much I love my job, please grant me the wisdom, knowledge and grace to excel in my duties. Go ahead of me, Lord. Let your presence fill the office and let your inspiration gives us the understanding to handle all our tasks. Grant me and my team members good success in our projects. Help us to be outstandingly successful, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

7. Heavenly Father, thank you for this beautiful morning. I’m grateful for the miracle of sleeping and waking up. Thank you also for the provision of a good job and a great working environment. Bless and prosper my company in Jesus’ name. Help us to stay afloat in the industry. Grant me your excellent spirit, that I may perform outstandingly in my duties. Give me the grace to overcome every difficulty. Let today be a day of smooth running of everything I lay my ends upon in the course of my duties. Take all the glory for a hitch-free day in Jesus name.

8. Oh, Lord my God, I thank you for the gift of a new day. Your mercies are new every morning, great is your faithfulness. Let your mercy speak for me at work, that men and angel shall favour me. I ask for inspiration, positivity and grace to be efficient and productive on the job. Lead me through over every task assigned and release unity of purpose amongst my colleagues, that we may achieve our common goal with ease. This I pray in Jesus mighty name.

9. Our Lord God, you made the heaven and the earth by your great power and by your righteousness. I worship your majesty. I stand in awe of goodness. I ask that your angels shall go ahead of me today, to smoothen every crooked path, let your Spirit be with me, to guide me at work, to give me the inspiration to be efficient and speed to be an effective manager of time. Let all that I do meet with favour in the sight of my superiors and colleagues. Let me experience job satisfaction and elevation. Set me firmly on the part of progress in Jesus’ name.

10. Dear Lord, there’s nothing too difficult for you to do. You’re the great and mighty God, give me your great counsel and wisdom to tackle the difficulties that await me at work. You are mighty indeed; show forth your mighty power to destroy the root of this problem and turn the situation around for your glory. Be the perfect solution to this problem and grant us resounding success today. In Jesus mighty name I pray.

Morning Prayers for Protection Before Work

Are you in need of miracle-working prayer points for protection you can pray before you start the activity of the day? Here are some tested and trusted prayer points for daily protection that you can pray.
11. In Jesus’ name, heavenly Father, I ask for your protection over my life as I go to work today. Be with me, oh Lord. Surround me with your walls of fire. Let your angels encompass around me to deliver me from any work hazard. Guard my life and my entire being from any accident-prone incidents at work. Guide every activity of mine on the job, to protect me from all evil. Let your grace be sufficient for me as I trust you for my wellbeing. Thank you, Lord, for the answer to this prayer. In Jesus mighty name, I pray.

12. Dear Father, I declare your awesomeness over my life today. Thank you for daily watching out for me. I come to you this morning, I ask for your divine protection upon me and my coworkers at work. I pray no evil shall befall us as we go about our duties. We dwell in your secret place, Lord and we hide under your shadow. I say of you Lord, you are a refuge and our fortress. You are our God in whom we trust, surely you’ll deliver us from danger and protect us from every mishap. Keep me and my team safe today and the rest of the week and forevermore, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

13. Dear Lord, your word says there’s no fear in love, perfect love has cast away every fear. Therefore, I confess that your grace is more than sufficient for me at work today. As I take every precaution and diligently follow every safety procedure, I ask that you shall divinely protect me from this plague. This virus threatening humanity and every other hidden contagious disease in the patients, shall not be my portion in Jesus name. Saturate the air with your presence, sanctify everything and everyone I touch with the precious blood of Jesus. Your word says the life of every creature is in its blood. As Jesus life is in His blood, for this reason, let him be manifested in my life to destroy every work of darkness in the guise of a killer virus and incurable diseases. Let your hand also rest upon every health worker whose trust is in your unfailing protection. Thank you, Father, for answering my prayers. I appreciate you, Lord.

14. Dear Lord, I thank you for the privilege to come boldly to the throne of grace to ask for your mercy in this grave time of our dire need. Your word says what time I am afraid, I will trust in you. Truly, I put my trust in you, please protect me from this contagious pandemic. As I go about taking care of the disease, praying and treating them for total recovery, protect me and my team member, and the entire hospital staff from this virus. Be our shield and our impenetrable armour against it. Till this evil pass over, I pray we will not be victims. Insure us against being infected, give us immunity against its vicious reach. Thank you, Lord, because this too shall pass, and we will remain strong and healthy to testify of your loving protection. You are awesome Lord, in Jesus name I pray.

15. Heavenly Lord, you are God from the beginning to the end. There’s no room for argument, you are God all by yourself. Your name is a strong tower, I run to you for divine protection, save me from trouble at work. Keep me safe under your shadow. I say of you Lord, you are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. Surely, you will deliver me from the prevailing evil of current health hazard at work. Give me special
immunity from every scourge and protect from the deadly pestilence. I put the mark of the Lord Jesus upon my forehead, when the angel of destruction sees the blood, I pray he shall pass over me. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Morning Prayers for Wisdom, Guidance and Direction Before Work

Going to work every morning is a normal thing to do daily, but you want to start yours with powerful prayers. Then feel free to pick as many as you want from this collection of early morning prayers for wisdom, guidance and direction before you go to work.

16. Dear Lord, as I go out today, may I enjoy the dew of favour from heaven. I pray every confusing matter before me at work shall receive divine clarity. In the name of Jesus, I receive unusual insight, understanding and wisdom to solve this nagging problem. Instead of ridicule or threat, I shall be greatly honoured and revered before my colleagues and superiors. Shame and disaster shall be far from me as your wisdom performs the miracle of solving the impossible today. I will come back home with testimonies, to the glory of your name in Jesus name. Amen.

17. Dear Father, to you alone be the glory over my life and loved ones. Thank you for the provision through this business. I appreciate you, Lord. Today, Oh God, I ask that you open my ears to your directives. Give me divine direction and wisdom to handle every job that comes my way, exceptionally. Let my business receive your divine touch for unprecedented success. Lead me to a high net worth customer, and give me the wisdom to retain them for continuous patronage. Let your excellent spirit rest upon me for outstanding performance. Bless the work of my hands, so that nothing good shall be withheld from me. In Jesus name, I pray.

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18. Heavenly Father, thank you for a beautiful morning like this. Today is the day you have made, I confess I shall rejoice all through and be glad in you. As I set out to work, please go ahead of me to smoothen every crooked way. Let your hand rest upon me and grant me wisdom for excellent performance at work. Rebuke every spirit of mediocrity, oh Lord. Let every solution to daunting problems that has eluded me till now, appear with clarity today in Jesus mighty name. Let me not be put to shame. Let me not be confused, confounded or frustrated. I receive insight and wisdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. This I pray in Jesus awesome name.

19. Almighty God, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I, today. As I set out to work this beautiful morning, lead me to treasures of darkness, wealth stored in secret places. By your grace, let my sun continue to shine and my glory to be revealed. Let my blessings manifest as you direct me to the honey from the rock, choice business contracts and profitable business, from today. Thank you because I shall come back home today with songs of thanksgiving, in Jesus mighty name.

20. My dear Father, you know I have been under a lot of pressure lately; truth is, I can’t handle it by myself anymore. I’m sorry for thinking I could. Forgive me for the error of relying on my sufficiency, which at best is woefully inadequate. I acknowledge you, this morning, please direct my path henceforth. In the name of Jesus, Lord grants me divine wisdom and special grace to successfully handle and tackle all the challenges that come my way today. Take absolute control, Lord. Be glorified in Jesus name.

21. Dear Lord, from today, may my choices move me through the ladder of success at work. Lord, grant me divine wisdom and understanding while on active duty. Let my life be an inspiration to others as I obey you every day. Let the deepest desires of my heart be granted. Let my expectations not be cut short in Jesus name. Amen.

22. Dear Lord, please take absolute control of my day. I ask for wisdom to overcome every treacherous difficulty that comes my way at work. Give me the courage to handle my job with confidence. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers.

Morning Prayers for Peace, Strength and Courage Before Work

23. Dear Lord, I thank you for the gift of a new day. Your mercies are new every morning, great is your faithfulness. I am greatly troubled, Lord. My spirit is heavily weighed down. I lift up my heart to you, lover of my soul, please give me your peace that passes all understanding. Peace like a river, let it flow through my soul as I set out to work this morning. Give me the strength to handle all that comes my way. Let your joy be my strength in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

24. Forever, oh Lord, your word is settled, in heaven, it is settled. On earth, I enforce it in my life this morning. As I set out to work, I rebuke every spirit of discouragement. I frustrate the counsels of the wicked. Their hands shall not achieve its enterprise against me and my work. Give me the courage to confront every evil deed and their perpetrators. Let me not be intimidated by their oppressive action. Speak your peace to my heart as I expose their evil conduct and grant me strength until justice prevails. Thank you, Lord, for your unwavering support. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

25. Dear Lord, your word says that those that put their trust in you are like mount Zion, whose feet can not be moved. As I set out to work today, I put my absolute trust in you. Let me abide in the abundance of your blessings forever. Let not my foot be moved or shaken where you have planted it in the plenteous provision at work. Let your peace engulf my soul and renew my strength in doing what is right in your sight, in Jesus name.

26. Oh God, I commit myself into your hands this morning. As I set out to work, in all that I do today, give me a reason to testify of your goodness and faithfulness. Fill my heart with peace and godly thought in Jesus name. Give me the courage not to conform to wrong ethics at work. Let your word be the standard as I represent you in my place of work. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

27. It is the dawn of a new day. Dear God, I commit my work into your able Hands for multiple blessings, abundant grace, success and mercy. Where I need help, l Lord send timely help from above. When I’m troubled, my God speaks comfort to my soul. Whenever I’m weary, Lord strengthens me in Jesus name.

28. Dear Lord, I am so down and weak. Your word says whatever our hands find to do, we should do it with all our might. Therefore, Lord, give me the strength to overcome weariness and zeal to counter unproductive due to laxity. Renew my strength like the eagle, that your name alone may be glorified, in Jesus’ name.

29. Dear Lord, help me. My strength is faint, I need a lasting refill from your throne of grace. Give me the strength I need daily, to conquer my weaknesses and destructive tendencies at work. Thank you for the grace not to put you to shame, in Jesus’ name I pray.

30. In the mighty name of Jesus, as I set out to work this morning, I command every opposition to my success, every demonic blockade in the spirit world, every satanic accuser in witchcraft covens, every marine aggressor against my elevation testimony; to dry up by fire and wither forever in Jesus name. I decree every delay to my promotion to end this minute. I confess I shall return home rejoicing today in Jesus name.

31. This morning, I decree my light shall break forth like the dawn of a new day. I shall be restored to my rightful place at work. That which the devil meant for evil against me, the Lord shall turn around for my good. My letter shall be of promotion, not termination. I reject negativeness news in Jesus powerful name.

32. That night that Haman plotted the downfall of Mordecai, the king could not sleep. Dear Father, I pray those in charge of my promotion will not sleep until they review the record of my performance and promote me appropriately. Let those who plot my ruin be put to shame in Jesus name.

33. Dear God, heal my ailing career. Touch my work with your excellence. Break the yoke of obscurity as you open my boss’ eyes to my past exceptional performance. Let your restoration and the power of a new life spring forth speedily for me, in Jesus name. Answer me when I call. Before I finish praying, respond to my plea, Lord. In Jesus powerful name I pray.

34. Remember me Lord, when you show favour to your people. Come near and rescue me from stagnancy. Single me out for promotion at work, that I may enjoy the prosperity of your chosen ones and join your inheritance in giving praise for what only you can perfect. My time has come, give me a promotion that reveals your mighty hand at work. In Jesus name, I pray.

Morning Prayers for Inspiration Before Work

Do you need amazing early morning inspiring prayer points that you can pray before you leave your home for work? Below is well-composed morning prayer for daily inspiration that you can pray before going to work.

35. There’s a spirit in man, the inspiration is of the Almighty, it gives understanding. Dear Lord, fill me with your Spirit. Inspire me to perform extraordinarily at my assigned duties. Help me to do more than is expected of me, to hone my skill for a higher level. Help me to spread my wings in order to fly like an eagle. Thank you for your grace that is sufficient to achieve this and more. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

36. Dear God, I commit today into your capable hands, be with me in Jesus name. As I set out to work this morning, I ask for divine inspiration to be extraordinary, efficient and productive at work. Help me to overcome difficulties, effortlessly. Give me solutions to tacky problems. Help me to be an inspiration to others at work, in Jesus name I pray.

37. Dear God, I commit my work into your hands this morning. Break the yoke of mediocrity by in my work, by giving me fresh ideas and inspiration. Transform my productivity level to a greater height. Inspire me to bring out the best in my coworkers. Help us to have a positive influence on one another as we achieve our common goals, in Jesus mighty name.

38. Oh Lord, I bless your name for giving me my dream job on a platter of favour. You’re awesome! As I set out to my place of work this lovely morning, I ask that you shall inspire me to do an amazing job and perform beyond my expectations. Show me new ways of excelling effortlessly at my job and help me to have fun while honing my skills as I expand my horizon. Thank you, Jesus, for answering me.

39. Dear Father, you are faithful and good. Thank you for always being there for me, in my hour of need. I will always need you. Apart from you, I am nothing. As I go to work today, keep my mind clear and focus. Inspire me to bring out the best in myself and others. Help me to discover new ways of being more effective at work. Give me job satisfaction while we are at it. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

40. Heavenly Father, inspire me to love others in my place of work. So that they, in turn, shall be inspired to be diligent in the discharge of their duties even as they spread the goodwill to others, as well. Professionalism with the milk of kindness, this I pray in Jesus name.

Morning Prayers for God’s Presence Before Work

41. Dear Father, I’m hungry for your Holy Spirit, and thirsty for your Presence every day. As I leave for work this morning, let your Presence go with me. Let your word hidden in my heart, guide me against taking the wrong steps. Fill my heart with the joy of your presence in Jesus’ name.

42. Dear Lord, I pray your Spirit will help me to see you more clearly, love you more dearly and follow you more dearly, even at work, every day of my life. I ask for your powerful presence to fill my life from this day henceforth, in Jesus name.

43. Dear God, as I set out to work, I ask that you purify my thoughts with your word. Sanctify me thoroughly and fill my life with your precious Spirit. Let your presence fill my life with songs of victory and fruitfulness, in Jesus name.

44. Oh Lord, let your Presence pervade my whole being. Cleanse my heart from every impurity, put a watch over the door of my lips. Let your glory fill my life, my office and everything I lay my hands upon, in Jesus name.

45. Oh Lord, my God, as I leave for work today, my desire is to be outstanding in all my endeavours. Give me your Spirit of excellence. Let your presence be mighty and strong in all that I do. When others are saying there’s a casting down for them, I shall arise and declare a lifting up, in Jesus name.

General Prayers for Success, Blessings, Timely Help, Succour and others Before Work

46. Dear God, you are the father of lights in whom there’s no shifting of shadows. I come before you this morning, before work commences, give me the grace to relate well with my colleagues and superiors. Help me not to compromise the godly standard for corporate gain. Help me to always do what’s right in your sight, in Jesus name.

47. Thank you Lord for blessing the work of my hands, I’m very grateful for helping me every step of the way. Bless my business and give me good success. What others find impossible, grant me ease of excellent execution. Continue to bless me till I become phenomenally wealthy. Let my wealth bring comfort to others, in Jesus name.

48. It is you oh Lord, that gives the ability to create wealth. I ask for that ability to make wealth in my business, to enjoy the blessing and to be a channel of distributing your blessings to the needy in Jesus name.

49. Lord, I ask for your favour and blessing as I bring glory to you here at work. May nothing separate me from the love of my Father. Not success, challenges, blessings, troubles or fame. Teach me not to set my heart on riches but on the giver of good things. Thank you for perfecting my day, in Jesus name.

50. Dear Lord, I commit my work into your able hands. Help me to excel in my duties. Teach me to walk in your path, that each step I take personally and officially will lead me to a closer walk with you, in Jesus name.

51. Dear God, help me to convert my work-related challenges to opportunities for growth. Help me to turn difficulties with limitless possibilities. In Jesus’ name, I pray.

52. Oh Lord, my God, you clothe yourself with light as with a garment, cover my work with the garment of favour. Bless me every step of the way to the top. Help to be humble and gracious to others in Jesus name.

53. Dear Lord, help me to rest in your truth today. Grant me the grace to perform amazingly in the discharge of my duties, diligent and upward mobile. Help me to move through the ranks on the platform of your favour. This I ask in Jesus name.

54. Father, I thank you for the skills to be proactive and productive at work. Open the eyes of my understanding to know how to advance my career and seize the opportunities you bring just for me. Let my good work be rewarded with promotions or better position, in Jesus powerful name.

55. Dear Father, thank you for the gift of today. I commit my work into your hands, take total control in Jesus name. Destroy the spirit of lethargy and frustration as you give me job satisfaction. As diamond never ceases to sparkle, I pray nothing will remove the radiant glory of God from my life. As sure as the sun rises every morning, so shall my greatness emerge in Jesus name.

56. Almighty God, this morning, shake the heavens and the earth and cause your enemies to lose their evil grip on me. The mercy of God shall speak for me today and beyond, All things shall work for my good and your glory. The whole world will celebrate you. I shall know no sorrow. I decree this is my season of rejoicing too, in the mighty name of Jesus.

57. Oh God, reload my life with new songs and rebrand me for excellence. Upgrade me to a newer and better version, in Jesus name. Let me not be relegated or forgotten at my place of work. Help me to be relevant at all times and to be a trustworthy steward of your goodness, in Jesus name.

58. Dear Lord, cause my star to shine brightly that the hands of the wicked might be burnt in their wrongdoings. Clothe me with the spirit of excellence, that my work will shine out amongst my peers. Let my appraisal be super favourable, with worthy rises. Let my promotion come with unusual, mouthwatering benefits and help me to move from heights to heights without falling, by God’s awesome grace. In Jesus name, I pray.

59. This morning, dear God, let your grace announce my greatness. Let Mercy usher me to my table of upliftment. Let Favor overwhelm me. May I not stumble as you take me to places of honour. Watch over me and water my seed. Help me to reap bountiful harvest so that I will enjoy the work of my hands. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for hearing my pleas.

60. As I step out today, I decree that I shall step out of frustration and obscurity. In Jesus name, miracle shall locate me, men and angels shall vie to favour me. Among my contemporaries, I shall be preferred. Today, I shall be overwhelmed with good tidings, as the Lord restores all my lost glory in Jesus mighty name.

61. Today, may you Lord season the work of my hands and decorate it with excellence. May all I do today meet with favour in the sight of men and angels. May I go forth in joy and return with songs of thanksgiving in Jesus name.

62. As I go to work today, may I be recognised for all my good works, in Jesus name. Those in charge of my upliftment will neither sleep nor rest till the book of record of my outstanding deeds is read and acted upon in my favour. It’s my time to shine, thank you Lord that I shall be remembered in Jesus name.

63. May the Lord bless from Zion and cause His face to shine upon me. May He answer my cry for mercy and be with me in my time of distress. Dear Father, I need your help, love and comfort as I go to work today. Show up for me in that special way of yours, in Jesus name.

64. Dear Lord, let the eyes of my understanding be enlightened to see your plan unfold in my life. Give your angels charge over me, to keep my feet from stumbling, falling into error. In all that I do at work today, I confess that it shall be well with me in Jesus name.

65. Like the tree planted by the riverside, I shall spring forth and bear fruits in all my endeavours, in Jesus name. This morning, I shall not wake up early, only to eat the bread of sorrow. Whatever I lay my hands upon shall prosper. Unlimited fruitfulness and joy is my portion in Jesus’ name.

66. May the Lord satisfy your desires with good things. With ease, you will accomplish all you set out to do today. May the Lord bless and keep you this day and forevermore. Good morning, my husband.

67. Oh Lord, ignite and revitalize my life and work with your fresh breath. From this morning, I shall walk victoriously and progressively. Even in my old age, I shall continue to bear good fruit. In the name of Jesus, I silence every hindrance to my manifesting God’s glory. Henceforth, my testimony shall stand and resound in Jesus’ name.

68. Today, the wisdom that produces amazing and enduring results shall be my constant companion. I shall work with ease and bring forth favourable and lasting fruits. When others groan, I shall sing God’s praises because every door I knock shall be speedily opened unto me, in Jesus name.

69. Be with me, Lord. Build and establish me firmly in the centre of your will. Let all your good purposes be accomplished in and through me. Deliver me from the grip of fear. As I go about my work, let your grace abound for me, in Jesus mighty name.

70. As I set out this beautiful morning, may you Lord strengthen me to do only His will. May you guide, guard and be with me. Set me above my challenges and cause me to triumph over them in Jesus name. I will end this day in celebration, in Jesus name.

71. Blessed Jehovah, bless the work of my hands and prosper my business. I decree my joy and peace shall not be taken away for any reason. The joy of the Lord shall be my strength. My blessings shall locate me, all that is meant for me shall be released without delay in Jesus name.

72. As you step out this morning, may God bring me in contact with people who will make a huge positive impact on my life and business. Favour shall answer to my name. Money and human and material resources shall locate and serve me in an overwhelming dimension. I shall have unlimited access to heavens’ treasure house, in Jesus’ awesome name.

73. This morning, I pray that you Lord will help me to march forward to my breakthrough. Let your blessing continually fall on me. Make me a financial wonder to my generation. Let the works of my hands increase my blessings. I shall never labour in vain, in the awesome name of Jesus.

74. Father God, thank you for the good work you are doing in my life. Bring it to an expected end. Help me to align myself with your plan and blooming wherever you plant my business. Thank you because no matter the challenges ahead, I shall remain unshaken. Cause your light to shine in me and through me in Jesus name.

75. Father, thank you so much for your goodness and mercy upon my life. I commit my way into your capable hands this morning; please, direct my path. Show me what to do concerning this knotty issue at work. I can’t handle it by myself, I need your help. Thank you, Lord, because you’ll show up for me, in Jesus name.

76. Dear Father, I can upon you this morning. I pray for fresh unction, anointing and fire upon my life today. As I study your word, give me a word in season. As I minister to your flock, give me utterance. Let none of your word fall to the ground, let it produce the fruit of eternal glory. Let your angels minister to my needs as I minister to your people, in Jesus mighty name.

77. Dear Lord, I choose to trust you in this matter that confronts me at work. I know you are faithful and trustworthy, help me to stand strong, steadfast and unmoving. Give me your peace and joy, in Jesus name.

78. Oh Lord, frustrate every evil gang up against me at work. Be my defence, my fortress and my vindication. Instead of work-related trouble, lift me up. Secure my destiny and grant me overwhelming victory, in Jesus name.

79. Dear Lord, watch over my going out and coming in. Direct and order my steps aright. Give me double for all my trouble and keep my heart and mind steadfastly fixed on You, in Jesus’ name.

80. In the mighty name of Jesus, Oh Lord, give me godly friends in this phase of my life. Seasoned mentors to guide me through the uncertain waters of right career path. Uphold, encourage and strengthen me to be all that you want you to be, in Jesus name.

81. Dear God, I release all my cares and concerns to you. Help me to focus solely on your goodness, not May you release the gift of faith to me, so that every impossibility becomes possible; as I continue to place my hope and confidence in you, in Jesus name I pray. Amen. Good morning, Handsome.

82. Oh Lord, you know the problem I’m facing at work. Only you understand my fears and insecurities, speak your perfect peace into my heart. Visit every area of my life with your miracles, signs and wonders, in Jesus name.

83. This morning, dear Lord, work in the hearts of those who owe me to pay their debts in full. From now on, they shall have no rest till they have cleared their debts. In the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit shall take total control of my business affairs and make it profitable, in Jesus name.

84. As I go out today, oh Lord go ahead of me. Take control of my job and all it entails. Grant me favour and let all my activities today end in praise, in Jesus name.

85. As I set out today, dear Lord, go ahead of me. Grant me favour in my business proposal presentation. Let me return with songs of praise. Let all other activities today end with unparalleled joy in Jesus name.

86. This morning, Lord give me utterances that no one can gainsay as I attend this vital meeting today. Let your word be my source of wisdom. Let your peace reign among my team members. Let it be a day of resounding success at work, in Jesus powerful name I pray.

87. Dear God, bless me beyond my wildest imagination at work today. Keep me as the apple of your eyes, safe from every harm and devilish plans of workplace enemies. Thank you for a most victorious day, in Jesus name.

88. Heavenly Lord, I worship you in the beauty of your Holy name. I pray that you will shower me with your goodness, from the abundance of your overflowing storehouse. Lord, answer me when I call upon you. Prosper my business and infuse me with fresh working money-making ideas. Thank you, Lord, because you will show up for me, in Jesus name.

89. Oh Lord, give me the strength and the courage to face all the challenges that will come my way at work today. Give me peace that beats all imagination. Let my strength not fail me in the day of adversity. Bless me with a day filled with unending testimonies. This I pray in Jesus name.

90. Dear Lord, I pray you will take control of today’s board meeting. Let my words be seasoned with grace. Let my hard work receive a healthy dose of excellence and favour. May I be amply rewarded for all my efforts, in Jesus name.

91. Father, I pray that all that you have purposed for me shall not elude me in Jesus’ name. I receive your blessings from today. Overwhelm me with your favour. Let my joy fill up and overflow, in Jesus name.

92. Good morning, Lord God Almighty. Today, may I receive your unlimited love and grace. Elevate me in every area of my life. Grant me an all-round success in Jesus name.

93. The Lord shall elevate you in every area of your life. Your joy shall know no bounds as the Lord’s abundant blessings are released to you in torrents. It’s going to rain, my love. The drought is over in Jesus name. Good morning.

94. This morning, I decree exceptional and uncommon breakthroughs for my business. The sudden burst of God’s goodness shall flow on to me in torrents. The era of trickles shall give way to an abundance of God’s power, blessings, healing, wisdom and favour.

95. Dear Lord, thank you for the precious gift of life. Thank you for your constant love and help. My business is ailing, Jehovah Raphael, heal the work of my hands. Breathe fresh life and unction upon my business. In the name of Jesus, Lord revives and restore it into its former glory. Let it fare better than its past. Add more high net worth customers/clients to my patronage. Let me experience unprecedented growth from today. I receive this grace today.

96. Today, I decree that all arrows of defeat, misfortune and failure assigned against me shall misfire and boomerang, in Jesus name. I nullify every spell, divination and enchantment against me and my business, with the precious blood of Jesus. Everything the enemy meant for evil against me, I reverse it this morning and turn it around for my good, to the glory of your name.

97. In the name of Jesus, I command the rain of unusual favour, extravagant grace and abundant success to fall upon me in torrents, without restraints today. Remove the cloud of shame from off my head. May I experience a season of refreshment from today, in Jesus name.

98. My earnest prayer to you today is that you lord will make me strong in all my areas of weaknesses. Protect me where I’m most vulnerable. Fortify me where I’m exposed to wrongdoing. Help me to be focused on work and be productive. Let my transformation be an inspiration to others, in Jesus name.

99. Lord, you are my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? You are the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? I cast all my work-related fears and anxieties unto you, Lord, give me your peace that flows like a river. Today, Lord shine your light on my path, divert my feet from dangers and calamities in Jesus name. Chase away every situation that causes me to fear and cause my adversaries to flee before me in the name of Jesus.

100. Dear Father, I am eternally grateful for this job. Be a constant reminder that it’s a privilege you gave me by your mercy. Thank you for the work, the staff and the remuneration. I seek your will in my life today. Reveal yourself to me in Jesus’ name. Direct my steps, as my trust is in you. I need your help to perform up to expectations at work. Direct my attention and energy to pull off all my tasks successfully. Grant me wisdom to handle all tasks I found hitherto impossible. Thank you for listening to the voice of my supplication, in Jesus powerful name.

May the Lord hear your prayers and attend to your pleas. May He respond to the voice of hour supplication and turn around your situation. Be expectant! Your miracle is on the way! Your business will receive God’s turn around touch, in Jesus name. Pray consistently and leave the rest to God as you put in your best.

Only Believe!

Thank for choosing this collection of morning prayers before work. I join my faith with yours. Are you blessed? Please, share with your friends and loved ones. Do you have any question or comment? Please, feel free to ask or share. I will be delighted to hear from you.

Thank you.

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