Trending Sweet Letter to My Best Friend

2024 Trending Sweet Letter to My Best Friend

So I heard you have a special friend with whom you bond and will like to have some sweet letters to send to him or her. Yes or Yes?

Well, here are the cutest collection of Sweet Letters to that Special friend of yours.

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Friendship Poems for Him or Her

Friendship is a good investment, you can channel your energy and time because it has a way of paying back. Here are friendship poems for friends, you can send to your friend, to strengthen your friendship.

1. Fused!
Two souls fused into one
Your words echo my thoughts
Hearts blended
Spirits knitted
Sitting closer than family
You’re my dearest,
You’re my friend.

2. Consolidated!
Ours, friendship made in heaven,
Consolidated on earth
Unwavering, unshaken,
Tested, trusted, true
You’re a blessing from God.

3. You’re God’s Gift to Me!
Surely, God exists!
And He is a giver of good things
You’re His gift to me
And every day I see new dimensions of His goodness in you
Surely God exists,
Your friendship is a living proof.

4. I Prayed!
I prayed for a friend
But I got more
I got a soulmate
I got one who shares my fears
Who urges my baby steps
And champions my giant strides
Life is incomplete without friendship
And I’m blessed to call you my friend.

5. Nothing Compares!
Nothing beats friendship.
One couldn’t survive without a friend
Someone to laugh with
Someone to cry with
Someone to share with
And knowing that each feeling
comes from the heart
Nothing beats friendship
And no friend compares with you.

Short Sweet Friendship Quotes

6. My Friend
You’re my friend yet it feels like we’re blood. You’re always been there for me for as far as I’ve known what true friendship is. Here I am, wondering if I’ll ever be able to repay your kindness. We’re bonded, pals forever.

7. From Way Back
Playmates from way back, goons since forever. You’ve got my back, I’ve got yours. I hold you dear to my heart and I know I live in yours. Friendship is sweet. I love you, my friend.

8. The Soul Thrives on Friendship.
The heart is built for friendship. The soul thrives on its nectar. I cherish our relationship. The fights, shared tears and laughter. Memories forever held dear. I pray this friendship never ends.

9. Let’s Hold Hands Forever
Let’s hold hands forever my friend. You understand me like no other. With you, I can be myself. No need for airs or camouflage. You see the tears behind my smiles. With just one look and every facade falls. Friendship is a blessing and I’m glad you’re my friend.

10. Without Friendship!
I often wonder how life would be without the blessing of true friendship. I can’t imagine it. The countless times you’ve been there for me. Your selfless sacrifice to see me shine. My greatest cheerleader when others would scorn. My co-rider, with me at my lowest ebb and highest high. You’re my greatest blessing my true friend.

Sweet Friendship Letters to Best Friend

Since your best friend deserves some love, I had to help write these sweet friendship letters to best friend for him or her from the heart.

11. Building Memories!
I hope our friendship lasts a lifetime. If it doesn’t then I’ll keep your memory forever. I never tire to hear your voice. Your face brightens my day. Never knew friendship could be this true, this pure. I cherish the memories we’re building together. I hope this friendship lasts forever.

12. Friend of my Youth
The friend of my youth. One of the best choices I ever made. Serendipity brought us together, fate kept us till now. We’ve weathered storms, yet came through stronger. The friend of my youth, choicest of friends. I am lucky to call you friend.

13. I Value You
May the dew of heaven fall upon you so you could experience the kind of refreshing your friendship brings to me. In a society where the race for survival turns everyone into sharks and you’re constantly watching your back to prevent being stabbed by your closest allies, your friendship pure and true comes like a refreshing rain. I value you.

14. The Friendship’s Worth.
What is friendship’s worth? What premium would you place on it? It’s a cruel world. Everyone going for the jugular in a bid to survive. One is not even sure of his own blood. But your friendship shines through, unstained, untainted. I test it, I try it, yet it remains true. So what is your friendship worth? It is priceless! I cherish it. I savour it.

15. The Real Deal
Frivolous people who greet every trifling with “awws” and “ahhs”, they mean nothing to me. Their affections are as flippant as they are, only skin deep. One minute, they’re with you, the next they’re gone. Those are not friends, they’re but dressing for occasions. But you my friend, you’re the real deal. Tested and true, you’re as sure as s rock. Thank you for being true. Thank you.

16. Thanks for Being True
Thoughts of you tickle my mind bringing instant chuckles to my lips. Fond memories of splendid moments spent with you are all I have. If all friends are like you, then I’d love to make more. Thank you for being an example of true friendship.

17. Distance not a Barrier
Though separated, my heart reaches across the seas. Distance could never be a barrier. Our hearts are way too connected. I think about you all the time and my prayers are always with you.

I know you’re building new relationships just as I am too. But this light we lit years ago will never die. It will always be a standard against which new friendships are weighed. I love you, my friend.

18. Enduring Friendship.
Under the hot sun of Lagos, strolling to and fro high school, bent under heavy bags like beasts of burden, we formed our friendship. Occasionally watered by showers from heaven, right on those rough streets we traversed with careless abandon fuelled by the exuberance of youth, our bond grew.

Dear friend, I remember those days with relish. I’m sure those watching then wouldn’t have guessed it was the making of enduring friendship.

19.Through Thick and Thin
We’ve seen it all and we’re still here. We have learnt through failures, we’ve been humbled by successes. Through it all, we’ve stuck together like Siamese. Nobody understands the bond we share. Only we know the sacrifices and the selflessness that have made us grow to this point. I appreciate your friendship today and always.

20. Dear Friend.
Dear friend, I’ll always be there for you just as I know you’ll always be for me. Adversity has nothing on us, success has nothing on us. Envy, distance neither. We’ve been tested and we shine through. You’ll always be my pal. You’ve got my back. I’ve got yours. What better way to live life than in friendship?

I’m Sorry Letters to My Friend

You need to say a perfect apology? Use these I’m sorry letters to my friend for him or her.

21. I’m Sorry
Our friendship is sacrosanct. I could never take it for granted. I’m sure you know it. We say things we don’t mean when we’re hurt. I know I said way too much. Take it with a pinch of salt. I was only lashing out in anger. This isn’t easy for me to do but your friendship is worth more. I’m sorry, please forgive me.

22. Friends Always
Are you still angry? You mean you can remain angry with me for this long? Snap out of it, my dear. We’re stuck together. I’m not going anywhere and you’re not either. We’ll remain friends always. It’s best we make up now, there are many fights to still fight. Seriously, friend, I’m sorry.

23. Just Once
You know my weaknesses. You know how hard it is for me to say sorry. But I’d never sacrifice this friendship on the altar of pride. So I’m willing to look beyond myself just so you know how much I value you and the friendship we share. So here goes: I’m sorry, please forgive me.

24. Let’s Be Friends Again
Conflicts arise always. Even the tongue and teeth have their share. Well, we just had ours. So how’re we going to resolve it if we keep ignoring ourselves? Seriously I never knew we could ever get to a point when we won’t talk for a day. Yet it’s been days now and we’re still not talking. Don’t know about you but I can’t keep this up. I’m too into you and you’re too into me. So please forgive me, let’s be friends again.

25. Forgive Me.
Seriously? You’re angry with me. I can’t figure. You know I always have your best interest at heart. You know my intentions are pure. I love you like family and won’t hurt you for the world. So how did it come to this? I’ll handle things differently next time but please don’t be angry with me. Forgive me, will you? Things I Love About You Best Friend

Awesome Love Letters for Friends

These love letters are for your awesome friends.

26. That Special Friend.
You’re that special friend who says it as it is. No sugarcoating, no Window dressing. You’re as blunt as they come and with you, I’m sure of accurate judgment. Your instincts are on point and your intuition always spot on. I can always rely on you. By Jove, I can always rely on you. Keep being you dear, your type is rare.

27. Always Your Friend.
When the downtime comes as it surely will because of course life is not a bed of roses. When you look around and there’s no one to share your sigh. When you need a shield from the sun and shelter from the rain. When the chips are down and all you want to do is cry. I’ll be there for you, a shoulder to lean on, a bosom to cry on. I’ll hold your hands and together we will find your way back up. Remember and never forget, I’ll always be your friend.

28. Better Days Ahead
We shared the good times so I assumed they’d be there during the rough times. I searched and hoped but they proved to be only good time friends. But you, you amazed me. You were just a mere acquaintance, yet you surpassed every expectation. You have climbed slowly but surely and planted yourself in my heart. Thank you for being there in the difficult times. I’m positive we will share the better days ahead.

29. We’ve Thrived
Our friendship has survived. It has thrived despite all odds. Circumstances never gave us any chance. We took it all in our stride. Buoyed by adversity, we soared. Best of friends, we shine through from success to success, heights to heights. Hand in hand, we keep flying. Indeed two are better than one. I’ve found my pair in you.

30. Better Times are Here.
We’ve paid our dues. We did all the motions. We endured the drudgery. We took the pain. It was easy because you were with me and I with you. Our better times are here. No one more deserving than us. We gave it our best, we gave it our all. I want you to know that if I’m to do it again, it’ll still be with you. We complement each other, we’re a formidable team. The gain is here, let’s celebrate. It’s our time.

31. When We First Met
When we first met, I could sense your reticence. The shield you placed over your heart, necessary to prevent recurrence of past hurts and disappointments. Our friendship wasn’t an eager one, it grew slowly and steadily. I hope you’ve come to realise how much I mean well for you. I’m not here for show, I’m here for the long haul. Today, I give you my word, you can always count on me.

32. This Too Shall Pass
I’ve known you with the strength of a Lion, the determination of steel. Your resilience is second to none. You cheer everyone when the chips are down. Your courage in the face of challenges, truly inspiring. It’s easy to assume that your life is all smooth. But I know better. I’ve seen your secret tears. I know the worries nibbling at your heart of gold. Let this serve as my encouragement to you dear friend. I trust you won’t give up. And in your very own words: “this too shall pass”.

33. Brace Up.
Life is full of challenges. Friends make them easier to bear. I’ll hold your hands, you’ll hold mine. Together we’ll lift life’s burdens with God’s Almighty hands beneath us. Cheer up, friend. Don’t be discouraged. The night always gives way to the day. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Brace up, dawn is almost here.

34. He’s Got Your Back
God’s promises abound for His children. His words are yea and amen. I know you love the Lord. I’ve seen the sincerity of your heart. Surely, He will not forsake you. Not now, not ever. Just cling to Him and trust that His all-knowing hands will guide you into His will. And then you’ll see that He makes all things beautiful in His time. You’ll also see how surprisingly He keeps to His promise of making all things work together for our good. Relax friend God’s got your back.

35. Be Yielded
We could never know all the ways of God. For in His sovereignty, He does as He pleases. One thing is certain though, He’s always at work in our lives to accomplish His perfect will. I encourage you, dear friend, be a yielded vessel in His hands as He moulds you into something beautiful conforming to the image of His Son. Never forget, the world’s standard of success is not ours. Jesus only is our standard. Sweet Best Friend Text Messages

36. Remain Grounded
I’ve seen your sweats, I’ve seen your work the grind. To the drill, you gave your all. No one deserves success better than you. Now you’re the heights you’ve always dreamed of. Like sugar attracts ant, your success will definitely attract many, not a few of whom will be sycophants. Take this from a friend who has always been there, who saw you struggle through to success, remain grounded, remain focused. I pray the grace of God will help you manage your new success well. Cheers to a better life.

37. Get Well Fast
It’s scary to see you sick. You who have always demonstrated the strength of a bull. Please get well fast, I can’t bear to see you this way. Work is not the same without you. It’s drudgery without your laughter beside me, without you cheering me on. Defy this illness and get well soon. We have so much to do together and I miss you so much already.

38. My Prayer
May the hands of the Almighty be wind beneath your wings. May It carry you high to heights surpassing expectations. May your hands be blessed with riches and your mind with soundness. May you enjoy health in your bones always. May your enemies lick dust and continually be put to shame. May your light shine today and always.

39. Friends Like Lovers
My friend in the sun, my friend in the rain. Ever true, ever sure. You complete me like no other. You know me like the lines on your palm. No special occasion, yet every day is an occasion to celebrate you. You’re a blessing to me. You’re a refreshing dew in this tired world. I love you now, I’ll love you till forever.

40. Pity!
The ones we love suffer the most. We treat them with negligence and take them for granted assuming they know what we feel for them. When they’re gone, we render meaningless encomiums, an utter waste to the one who no longer feels. Well, I choose now to do things differently. I want you to know I love you.

41. Thankful!
I’m thankful for friends who have made life’s journey easy. I’m thankful for friends who have been a covering from shame. I’m thankful for friends who cheer when others mock. Who let you be yourself, away from the status quo. I’m thankful for friends who love you despite your shortcomings. I’m thankful for friends, you being the chief amongst them. I’m thankful for you.

42. I Appreciate You
You know how I always joke that I want to be like you when I grow. You’re the effervescence on the drink of our friendship. You keep it bubbling, you keep it fresh. You give perspective when it feels like I’m at a dead end. You never let me lose my smile. Thank you for always being there. I appreciate you.

43. To Trust Again
When life has dealt you with severe blows with so-called friends holding the dagger. You learn to build a fence around you, cocooning yourself behind its safety. Trust no longer comes easy. In fact, you shut everyone out. But then you came along, eating deep into my defence. Slowly, you’re helping me let down my guard. I’m learning to trust again, to love again.

44. Nothing Hurts More
Nothing hurts more than betrayal of a dear friend. It is like a dagger to the heart, shredding it to pieces. I let down my guards around you. I stood defenceless before you and you mercilessly skinned me, squeezing out the very last blood. I’m still in shock. Still in a haze, like I’m in a bad dream I desperately want to wake from. You betrayed my confidence, you betrayed my trust. But I’ll survive. Yes, I will. You’re just another of life’s lessons.

45. You’re a Rare Breed.
When people say, ” never reveal your weakness to anyone so it won’t be used against you”, it’s because they’ve never experienced friends like you. True, your type is rare. Your virtues are exemplary. You’re a gift not just to me but to the world. May you enjoy in your lifetime the rewards of the blessing your friendship brings to the life of others. Thank you for “being”.

46. A Prayer For You
This is a prayer for you dear friend. For all your thoughtfulness and kindness, may you experience double. May you enjoy unprecedented open doors. May your joy be full always. May you always enjoy good health. May you never lack care, may you never lack good friends. Thank you for always being there. Shalom.

47. Two Better Than One
Indeed two are better than one. Together we have chased our tens of thousands. Your support is God-sent, your loyalty, the milk of my bosom. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve your friendship. All I know is that there is God and He has decided to favour me. May the love we share never die. May the mutual respect and consideration never grow dreary. Here are cheers to friendship!

48. You’re Blood
I’ll never let you lose your smile. I’ll be there when you’re down. Mine will be the loudest ovation when you shine. Just so you know, you’re important to me. I love you, I need you. You’re blood, you’re family. I’ll never let anything, anyone get in between us. I’ve chosen this friendship. I’ll fight to keep it.

49. You Are Special
You helped me find myself. You were my voice when I had none. You gave me platform for expression. You helped me up when I faltered and cheered me on to success. You were there when you had reasons not to. You helped me channel my frustrations to productivity. How could I ever repay you? You’re special. YOU. ARE. SPECIAL.

50. Last Man Standing
I couldn’t spend a lifetime getting over disappointments, no way. So I look carefully, I fish out and delete every toxic relationship. Small deal. You! What I’d do without you. You have passed every test. So here am I placing you on a pedestal. You’re the last standing. I’d rather have you alone than all the many others. Thank you for being a good friend. Thank you for surpassing.

51. I Dream
I dream of a fair world, of distant places where nothing matters but love. Of days filled with brightness of the sun and star streaked nights. I dream of oceans clear and blue, fields, green and luscious. I dream of friendship free and true. I dream of you.

52. I Admire You
I admire you. I admire the person you have become. I admire how you rode on the wings of adversity straight into success. I admire how you face challenges headlong using it as a recipe for breakthrough. I admire how you keep your head straight in the midst of success. I admire how you keep your spirit up when things aren’t going so well. I’ve learnt a lot being your friend. Thanks for teaching me all I know today.

53. An Enigma
I’ve seen spirits crushed by adversity, never able to recover despite efforts. But yours is an indomitable spirit. You lap up criticism like it is food. You retain the nutrients and the rest goes down the way of shit. You ride on the wings of opposition and land safely at your desired destination. You’re an enigma. It’s a privilege to be your friend. I hold our friendship in the highest esteem.

54. Mark of my Respect
Respect comes naturally to persons who demonstrate admirable qualities, qualities superior to lazy indulgence of inferior people. Take this as a mark of my respect to you my dear friend. You inspire me in more ways than are obvious. Your virtues and morals are without blemish. I appreciate the values you have added to me. Thank you for your friendship.

55. Habits Die Hard
Habits nurtured over the years die hard. That is why you never get to hear me say how much I appreciate you. But I do. I really do. I see the hard work you put into making this relationship grow. I see your selflessness. I see how you defend me against others even when I don’t deserve it’s. I see it all dear friend and though I don’t get to say it often, I value you and I love you. Good Thoughts About Friendship in English

56. I Wonder
I often wonder how you put up with me. My brashness, impetuousness, carelessness? By Jove, I couldn’t put up with me. But here you are, lapping up my faults as though it were ice-cream. Speaking up for me and defending me. If I tried for a lifetime, I couldn’t deserve you. But you’re here anyway, faithful and loyal. Thank you for your selflessness. Thank you for being my friend.

57.That Person
You’re that person always looking out for me. Like my very own Guardian Angel. If I had an elder brother/sister, he/she couldn’t do better. You’ve taken it upon yourself to watch over me. God help those who try to cross me. I don’t admire the position they’d be in if you found out. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your efforts.

58. Easy With You
Friendship is easy with you. No need for cosmetics, no need for tiptoes. For us, it’s come as you are. I enjoy being around you. I love the aura of your presence. I love your easy joviality. I love the way we converse effortlessly. No tracks to cover, no need for pretence. Friendship is easy with you and I’ll choose you over and again.

59. Friendship Lost
How did we get to this point? How did we ever allow ourselves to draw apart? How did we allow whore mongers get the better of our friendship? How did we get to the place where we can’t look each other in the face? To the point where we can’t talk? We never used to be like this. Ours was friendship others could only dream of. So ? What happened? Can we heal? Can we ever hold hands again? Can we still be friends?

60. You Can Count on Me
I’ve loved you like blood. Cherished you like a lover. I know your tears, I share your pains. I’ve cared for you. This is because you’re my friend. I couldn’t do less. This is friendship. I’ll give it my best, I’ll give it my all. You can count on me, friend, now and always.


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