Whatsapp Status for Sister Relationship (2024)

Siblings are interesting people but sisters are the most amazing set of people to have in one’s life. They are understanding, sweet and quite empathic. But of course, if you get on their bad side they can be quite a formidable force to reckon with, but then, we can’t undermine the fact that they are just human-angels (not sure such word exists)

Sisters are one of the most important people in one’s life. More than anything, they also are blessings, including those occasional fights and bants, of course.

Well, if you have a sister, you can definitely relate to the fact that they are blessings. You can’t but love them.

These special set of people deserves to know that you love them, if not all the time, at some times. You shouldn’t wait until their birthday or a special time to celebrate them.
You can wake one beautiful morning and decide to dedicate one or two slides on your WhatsApp status to your sister. No big deal in making a day out for that sister as special.

This post is to help you come up with a perfect message to fit for your sister on your WhatsApp status. Go through each as if it is specially directed at you, look out for the ones that picture your feelings to your sister and which you can put up on your WhatsApp status.
I’m sure you’ll love this collection of WhatsApp status for sister relationship.

Best WhatsApp Status for Relationship with Sister

Share your love with your sister on your WhatsApp Status and make her feel so loved and special. I love you WhatsApp status, Good morning status, good afternoon status and good night status for your sister.

1. God specially created people like you to be sisters so that you can be there when angels are busy somewhere else.

2. My sister like no other is the best, on planet earth. No disputes.

3. My sister is like the drop of happiness that chases all gloom away.

4. Do you want to know what brings me happiness? It’s a cup of tea and a chat with my sister.

5. A friend stays when it’s light but a sister is the one that stays true all times.

6. Sisters bond are the strongest, it’s here from birth and all through life, until the end of times.

7. No matter the difference in life path we choose to go through, my sister is and will ever be my best friend.

8. Sisters have the biggest heart, they love you more than you even love yourself.

9. Ever wondered what it feels like to have a sister’s love? Well, I can relate because I got one.

10. Every day is special to me because I got a sister to share it with.

11. My sister is better than yours, let’s not even start debating because I got proofs!

12. I could do anything I wish because I have a sister like a mother and she’s got my back always.

13. Every day is special because I got a sister like no other!

14. My sister and I have a special relationship, we’re like the same face of a coin.

15. This one looks out for me always, she’s my mother-hen, my sister.

16. No matter what may come, you will forever be my best of humans, my sister.

17. Sister and best friend! Who can even beat that?

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18. Forever together, that’s how we’ll be my sister.

19. I have a special gift in my sister, she’s the best of all humans.

20. Growing up with you was exciting sis! I love you.

21. Our relationship is golden, you’re the best of all sisters.

22. You’re a gift to my heart and the best friend to my spirit.

23. I love that I find meaning to life through you. I love you tons, my sister.

24. Don’t even doubt it, your space is forever reserved in my heart, sis because you’re the best.

25. We argue, we fight, we bicker and banter but most importantly, we share a unique relationship. We’re sisters.

26. No one on earth understands me more than you do and I’m lucky I have you so much, sis!

27. Forget all our fights, you’re and will ever be the most important person in my life, sis.

28. We’re sworn and soul sisters. We are one soul in two bodies.

29. No matter how far away you are to me, you know I always seem your advice out in every situation. You’re the best sis!

30. The memories of our growing up together still linger and I love every moment of it.

31. My sister is the best! You can’t tell me less.

32. Our memories are jammed together that sometimes I wonder if we’re one soul in different bodies.

33. No matter what we’ve been through and done to each other, you’re still my soul sister.

34. No matter what, and at the end of it all, the only left is one’s SISTER.

35. A through it all, the only person that sticks through and true is you, my sister.

36. My sister and best friend, with you, the two words have the same meaning.

37. My sister= my friend, forever.

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38. Like different flowers from the same garden, that’s what we are my sister.

39. Our parents gave us life greatest gift, we have each other till the end of life.

40. As the hands and the feet, that’s how brothers and sisters are.

41. How you listen to my heart is still what I find hard to figure out, you’re more than a sister to me.

42. I don’t know who’s luckier to have each other, you or I?

43. So many things to thank God for, but most importantly, for making you, my sister…

44. Sister and best friend all wrapped in one and trust me, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

45. To have and to hold forever, that’s how we’ll be forever my sister.

46. I am my sister, my sister is me.

47. Like chocolate chips in cookies, that’s what my sister is.

48. Sisters always and friends till eternity, that’s what you are to me.

49. My sister is my backup. Figure it out.

50. In this life and all you do, all you need is the love of a sister.

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